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I bought donut holes for tonight.  Now, why did I do that? They are taunting me from the dang kitchen. And I’m not even a donut eater!! I bought sour patch kids to give out so I don’t eat any! (and popcorn balls). It’s so nice here, the kiddies will be warm and happy!

OLTL: Enough with Marty already.  Two babies and a switch-er-roo coming! Didn’t Karen Woleck do that? Who switched babies on this show? Hmmmmmmmmmm. Jared and Natalie in the “room”. Good Lord. Think it smells in there?


Ok, so now Lulu’s all better-everyone gets cured on this show in record time.  Cute siblings on the plane. WHAT in GOD’S NAME is that CHEESY WISHING WELL?? BRAHAHA! Ok, come on. It’s LA-and they couldn’t even go outside for one scene. It looks like “Mexico” in Epcot! I’m dying here. How sad. Sad, sad sad. Maybe they’ll surprise me and do something..SOMETHING anything, Hollywood Boulevard…I do hope you all noticed the cheese-ball music. heh

(I just ate a donut hole. dang!)

Everyone look at MAXIE’S shoes –Betsy Johnson’s remember?

Cardia: Sarah Brown is just so wonderful. I hope she re-signs in January. I’m not a Z fan, but I do like her. Wouldn’t it be cool if she got her hair chopped off and dyed it blonde? It would be a different look from all the brunettes on the show. Heh. He called her a VIPER!! She agreed to marry Sonny!

Ok, enough of the Luke stuff. Why did they have to check in under a fake name? Like Scott was going to ask to see the register?

(stop me cause I swear I’m going for another DONUT HOLE!)

The Sam thing? Thrown in there?? And wasn’t Nadine going to the reception? Jerry is skulking. Right then. In the hospital. Just hanging out.

GH IS SOOOOOOOOOOOO ;WACKY today! Limo chases! Bad accents! Cheeso-rama “Streets of LA” highjinks!  

Then…there’s an explosion and Sonny gets stabbed and thrown into the brink. Paging Criss Angel! Get him out of there!

I hear them calling…donut hole………..donut hole………donut hole………

AND OH: happy BIRTHDAY MAXIE, AND Me and my big mouth. Spin remembered. Wouldn’t Mac say it??  I guess Halloween is NOT happening on GH this year. Probably too much to write. You know, with all the “authentic” sets and birthing stuff going on.  Sam and Jerry crap. Karpov goons in the elevator. Can’t have trick or treat too!!!

Have a haunting night!


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HAPPY BIRTHDAY MAXIE! I couldn’t find a pic of HER birth, but I have one of Georgie’s…if anyone has one, let me know!  BTW, I usually do a Halloween WUB, but so far have not been inspired yet this year. Hopefully, one will ‘hit’ me soon.




You wrote: The happy couple will say nuptials again, and he’ll be there. Maybe
that’s why I thought he’d be in THIS wedding!??

I’m thinking: OH SNAP!!!!! Didn’t you also mention that Claire Coffee (Nadine)
said in an interview something about getting dresses for weddingS (plural)? At
the time you wrote it we all seemed confused why she said weddingS.

This would have been back when you were talking about the November dealios, it
wasn’t more than a month ago.

Yes, I did…then, I saw the pics of Robin and Patrick kissing and I thought they must have been wrong, and they finished the wedding. NOPE..so here’s looking forward to wedding #2. Heh.

Also Monica mentioned: Comment:
Does anyone watch “My Own Worst Enemy” with Christian Slater? Karpov was in this
last episode as a hired assassin! And he he actually looked like a bad guy, with
normal hair and speaking in Russian. Much more believable.

No, I don’t watch that show but I know that Karpov has played “real” baddies in other things. Too bad the writing on GH is so bad, he’d be believeable!

Soapbabie writes:

Do you remember when Laura and Scotty had that tiny apartment how she fell in
love with a wicker couch they couldnt afford? I cant remember how, but she
bought it! I loved it so much, I bought one years later, remembering that.
Leslie lost weight! she looks great! think it was the same thing as genie used?
I am definitely trying it!

I totally remember this! He was a struggling lawyer and she was such a brat! LOL


When Scott revealed to Laura that he had their marriage certificate still after
all these years I thought.. “Awww…how creepy…..”

I thought so too! Total STALKER!! I wonder if he has a replica of her Christmas star too!

THE NOAH QUESTION!: I always read your blog but never comment…but I think I remember about 10
seconds a few weeks ago when Patrick told Robin that once Matt was revealed to
be a Drake, Noah took off again.
Other people wrote that they said he was in Africa. (notice how all the docs go to “Africa” when they go off the show? Tom Hardy, Noah–Jake Martin)–anyway, I knew this but no one said “gee, it’s a shame Noah isn’t here” or have him send a telegram or call or something!

NEW RUMORS are up. Sorry it’s been so long. I usually put the gossip in the blog, and forget about doing up the page. (See I do read all your comments!) The newest stuff is saying that Jerry is presumed dead and Trevor (MIA lately) dies in November Sweeps.

AND KARLA..thank you for this!

SOD dated 11/11

If GH fans are wondering what happened to the “big sweeps event” that was
rumored to play out this month, they’re just going to have to be patient a
little longer. “I had a very special thing that I wanted to do during sweeps”
confirms head writer Guza, “It’s a very different thing that would have been fun
to do, but I chose not to do it now because we’ve got such a great story going.
So, I am not going to do it now. I will, but it will be later.

Thank God other people read the mags!! I knew something was up..I thought they had a lid on it all. And what’s the “great story”?? Jerry blowing stuff up and Sam getting nabbed? Grrrrrrrrr. Please.

MY FISH TWEN is so much better !! Thank you for all the wishes. We must have some pet-healers in our bunch! He’s swimming around, happy as a clam. I am going to attempt to get a pic of him. Thank GOODNESS I didn’t flush the fish! heh.

SEE YA LATER! I must go scare some children. hee hee hee…..:)

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Well, my goldfish is doing a bit better, maybe all your good thoughts are making him healthy.  I don’t hold out a lot of hope though 😦

Crazy curtains in Scotty and Laura’s room. I love Genie’s hair. They really DID do this whole “Laura and Scott rekindling thing” before. Remember? I know I harp on it, but geesh. Why the HELL is Laura being so nice to the bully? OY! So, the old Tracy/Luke/Laura/Scotty question. I’m trying to ENJOY whatever happens because I love all the actors. I AM TRYING! LOL. I do want to see Luke tell Laura he’s married to Tracy! hee hee–my buddy David (wub fan) does too, he’s getting goose bumps waiting for it! Who remembers Scotty and Laura’s apartment? I DO! I DO! It was tiny but I remember the radio, cause it always played “Rise” ! LOL. Don’t Genie and Denise Alexander look alike?

Luke: Psychic. Nope! heh. And come on with the “caper”…poor TRACY! Jane Elliot. Bless her for dressing like that. geesh.

OMG! LAURA just said she BETRAYED SCOTT??? :thud: Goodness.

Told you Leslie would be on! 🙂 It’s like, “Oh, there’s Gram”..like she’s been around forever. Not up in the dang attic!!!

Robin’s Wedding: You’d THINK someone would call the church. Looking at  BW’s face peeking out from that OR tent/thing, I have to laugh. Can you imagine going to work like that? I’ll say it again: WHERE IS NOAH????? An awful lot of people are wearing black!! Edward: heh.  LOVE Robin’s dress. Love the color on the straps and bodice! Hey, I THINK TRISTAN ROGERS will be on in November. The happy couple will say nuptials again, and he’ll be there. Maybe that’s why I thought he’d be in THIS wedding!?? Looking at the photos, I thought they’d have said their vows before the water broke. whoops.

Ok, so Mac made me cry just a little …

BEARDLESS Matt: I CAN’T BELIEVE how young he looks!! Jax has Nadine next to him. Told you: Next Chloe!

JASON AND SONNY…such MAN-LOVE. Such tender dialog..awww. Just kiss already. It would make daytime history if they just made out in the church, declared their love infront of everyone. You know they wanna.

Hey, are the minister and Coleman  related? They look alike!

PET PEEVE: Please at least fill coffee cups with water. I mean, they look so light–I’m just sayin’.

 GUESS what my son is being tomorrow (our HS here dresses up, Halloween is HUGE in the area; all the little schools still have parades)? HE said ‘What’s the scariest thing to adults”?? I was like, what? He says ” THE IRS”!! So, he’s wearing a nice suit tomorrow and handing out audits! LOL. I think it’s brilliant.

Scrubs Fans: Here’s your couple on Hollywood’s 411

Wow, I used a LOTTA words today! sorry…just got carried away…

Before I go..here’s a tidbit from SOW: More scoops on the site.

TG says that Scott is unconscious on the driver’s side and the only way to get to Laura in the passenger side, which is hanging over the side off a cliff, is to drag Scott out and then he gets in to remove the seat belt that’s stuck. Before he can get her out the car goes over the cliff.

TG says Luke is always conflicted about saving Scotty. He doesn’t really have any need to save him but he has to get him out to get to her.

TG says it’s a steep and danger fall. Laura is thrown into the back seat and he’s in the front. When he wakes up, he wakes her and she gets out of the car because he’s pinned in it. Then she gets him out.

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Another Point O’ View..


Now, I am the lone voice for MacDaddy here.  I believe that he should be
featured alot more in this “wedding” than Robert.  HE raised Robin and should be
the “father of the Bride”.  Robert is battling cancer and is off getting
treatment which is fine with me.

I don’t think any of us begrudge Mac daddy his airtime! You are correct about him being featured, I just wish on GH it wasn’t ‘either-or’…. This was a BIG WEDDING. A kid is getting married that has been on the show since she was what? eight? (the same actress!!) and half the town is running around looking for Laura, her father is shipped off, Tiff and Sean (we know they are available) couldn’t be found.  FELICIA? How about Maxie forgiving her for a day and calling her to be there?? *sigh* it’s just more of GH’s attempt to not have the ensamble cast around! Also, yes, Cam could have been in the wedding, Alexis could be there and yada yada. I just want some INTERACTIONS gosh dang it! LOL. I loved the bridal scenes–and I’m so glad Maxie was there and she and Mac had their talk. Loved the Filominna (sp?) reference too. So, I’m not all unhappy!

BTW, my scoops (snark free) are on THE WUBS NET. I think some people may have found this blog and think it’s the “main site”. No, no no…(I said “no noooooooooo noooooooo Amy Winehouse style) I just come here to dish and bitch! Hee hee. I’ve watched GH forever and know it can be so much better writing wise. The cast is the best–but the recycled mobular stuff? oy! Guza has serious issues and he also gets bored and drops storylines. (How’s your lung cancer Alexis? Who shot Michael Sonny? Who killed Ida eons ago?) I know most of you like the blog, and that’s all that matters.

My goldfish Twen is dying ;( He has those giant eyeballs and is just laying there, sideways. 😦 He was the most loved, pampered dang fish ever. What did I do wrong??! Send him some good chi today!!

See ya later!

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Somewhere I read we’ll see Leslie tomorrow on GH. Hmmmm. Guess we should all clap for small favors.

OOoooo, touched a nerve there with the whole L&L thing, eh? If Guza knew how to write, I’d be excited. Last time we got Lasha in a toga, barefoot on the stairs of Wyndamere. Oy.  You notice Genie came back, was with JMB in isolated scenes, now she’s with KS in isolated scenes. Whateverrrrrr. Since she’s not in with the MOBULAR scene, why would she be all involved with the rest of the town?

Oh, when I was talking NS, I meant to say it would still be ONCE weekly. Not daily. And yes, it would have breaks.


Geesh, is Liz’ dress from 1975? I sorta think so.  What IS that necklace?? Have they mentioned Maxie’s birthday? (since I was asleep yesterday).  That bridal room is huge, is it the same one Kate was in? And, is this a middle of the week wedding? Liz does Robin’s hair one way, the next scene it’s all phoofed and looks like a stylist came in!

Wow, Robert wrote a NOTE! wow, thanks. I did hear he’d be on again this month. I was wrong about him being in the wedding, so who knows. :shrugs: I hope he shows up.

Maxie and Mac–I’m so glad Mac Daddy’s getting AIRTIME! Is Noah coming? Did I miss something about him leaving? (I mean, leaving leaving as opposed to ‘went into the storage closet’ leaving). Are Scrubs moving into a bigger place?

Matt is clean shaven. He looks about 10 years younger, I think!

OLIVIA is everywhere–and hey, she “left” Sonny on the corner! (her hair extensions look horrific today, btw). Guess she’s the new UBER-GUZAGIRL.  AND OMG, they are sounding exactly like Kate/Sonny when Kate first came on!! This is so bizarre. You can so see this coming. Olivia and Sonny in the throws of passion. I think I smell Megan Ward either leaving or Kate and Jax becoming an item!

PATRICK: buy a clue. Leave the hospital. Wouldn’t Leyla at least say: CALL SOMEONE, tell them you’re going to be late? eesh

Here’s Sonny in a Nutshell for the last bazillion years:


BRAHAHAHAHHHAHAHAAAAAA! and in the next breath  he says:

 “I KILL BAD PEOPLE” “Karpov is a BAD MAN”… OMG! Who the hell wrote this???? BRAHAHAHAHAAHaaaaaa. I’m crying I’m laughing so hard!

BOBBIE! Coleman looks like such a Westerner. You know, like he should be in a Hallmark Channel movie. EDWARD! –have you noticed his hats lately? Mole removals. Ewww, Nadine’s Dress. No like. Loved the Coleman phone pic. Jax: GIANT WHITE TIE! MAXIE (OMG, I totally called her “Georgie” before editing this! LOL) has a giant ring on. OH! And Robert’s hankie!!

BTW, I just looked outside and it’s SNOWING LIKE A BANSHEE! EEEEK!

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So, yes, GUESS WHO WAS AT THIS RACE???? :bats eyes:….Yep! I was at Watkins Glen for this race and got James Hunts’ autograph. Dad would take my brother and I to the Grand Prix every year. (I learned how to “rought it” at them!) So when Patrick/Olivia mentioned Watkins Glen yesterday I thought “hey, they DID THEIR homework”!! Now, if they would have asked me–no one says “Watkins Glen”..it’s “The Glen”. I guess that car represents Patricks single ‘manhood’. And Olivia? Such a beer swiggin’, blue collar, oil changin’ guys girl. LOL…

Then..I fell asleep. Really. 🙂 I saw Ric and Cardia I think. Then, dreamland!!

Isn’t the whole Jennifer Hudson thing horrible? She’s on Guideposts this month too. How sad. She talks about how blessed she is.  Life can turn on a dang dime.

IT’S SNOWING HERE a little bit. Ok, we didn’t get a bunch like those east of us (Sorry, Syracuse) but it’s still flying in the air. Being a dog walking woman, it’s so depressing that soon it will be cold all the time! Let’s see if GH starts having their people wear coats.

You know what’s funny? There’s hardly ANY MENTION anywhere about the big “time warp”. Guza was the one that said it in SOD,  so I have complete confidence it will happen. :eyeroll: I’m just wondering if they are doing it after Genie/Kin “leave”–I’m trying to find out!

MIKE comments:

I am so tired of people thinking Luke and Laura are untouchable.  Tracy and Luke
are more than just wacky hijinks, the have been a slow moving, fun older couple. 
Why should Luke give up this wonderful life he now has with a woman he can
actually be totally honest with, for a woman he lies to for ‘her sanity’ without
batting an eye.  LnL are history.  Rich history, but history none the less.

Here’s a thought…. two mature people realizing too much time has gone by and
wishing each other well, and do their own version of ‘Thanks for the Memories’.

Here’s another thought…. Tracy is first in someone’s heart for a change – that
would truly be more groundbreaking than LnL for the millionth time.

I try to show different points of view! I often wonder if Genie would have stayed on GH, would L&L still be together? Doubtful.  They’d be ping pong balls in the world of soaps. I LOVE Luke and Tracy. I wish the writing was better on the whole thing (having Laura “wake up” walk out of the  hospital after years of coma is just stupid), but we got Guza. I’m willing to see how this plays out.

Have a good one. HERE’S HOPING I STAY AWAKE to blog live today. I’m planning on it!

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I have to give props to Friscowannabe for this–some great ideas for Scott/Laura/Luke/Tracy:

I am surprised you found the Tracy/Luke scenes fun.  I thought they were totally
corny and an insult to these great actors abilities.  When TG and JE are
religated to cheesy low production comedy bits it is surprising they stay with
the show.  I suspect Guza is trying to show us how ‘fun’ Tracy and Luke are so
when Laura gives Luke the me or Tracy ultimatium we will understand why he picks
Tracy.  We know, afterall, that Guza is out to ruin Luke and Laura.

Why not have Luke and Laura reunite and then Tracy and Scotty hook up for some
devilish revenge.  I hate what they have done to Scott, he seems more obsessed
and cookoo then Logan.  And Tracy being all giddy over Luke – this is the woman
who was a mob boss for cripes sake (during her stint on the City).  I hate the
mob story lines but why not put Scotty back in D.A.’s office and have Tracy use
her mob knowledge to team up with Scotty to bring the mob down.  Look at what
Sonny has done to the Quartermaines (AJ, Jason, Michael) and Scotty (Karen and
arguably Logan)…why would they not put a big target on Sonny.

This is from Rachel. I thought a nice Nikadine mention would do the trick!

Hi ~ I love Nik & Nadine and they are what keeps me watching most of the time. 
I think they are sweet and soapy.  Luke & Tracy are just horrible.  Laura and
Scott were good.  We finally get two vets who have incredible history on the
show get a lot of time!  That’s what we are missing at GH is the actually
talking about stuff – instead we get repeats of you’re not safe, you’re dead to
me, you betrayed me, blah blah blah.

The Sam/Jerry s/l is beyond stupid and unwatchable.  I was surprised Lulu even
went to Lucky since she doesn’t ever tell Lucky anything and lies to him half
the time.

I miss GH:NS.

Ok, I guess after reading a lot of your comments and emails, I may have been a tad “charmed” by Tracy and Luke–guess I just love JE and TG so much, I didn’t care they were in a tin can doing stupid stuff! LOL..Why the HELL they keep redoing the “LA Honeymoon” of Scott/Laura is beyond me. We had it once–Keystone Cops, Hollywood sets. eh.

Insider info: I rarely dish like this. Those of you that read the site know I hardly mention comings/goings and behind the scenes stuff. (Personal stuff is still off limits, imo) Well, I can tell you this: NIGHT SHIFT was a huge, huge success. Not just in ratings for SoapNet, but for call-in’s, PR and letters to the studio. So much so, SoapNet is considering a full time 30min show, all year (save a few week hiatus). How does Scrubs work into this? Not sure, no one is sure. I hear some of the recent unhappy campers from GH (not getting storylines) may move over there. I also hear some bigger names may be going as well. They will do double-duty for awhile but slowly, move over to SoapNet. The network recently expanded into a bigger market as well, setting the stage. They’d like to get it “the go to show” for that 18-24 year old set. Does that bode well for vets? Hmmm, dont’ know.

OH! A someone placed a fun DONKEY stuffed animal in NLG’s dressingroom….:) Get it? NO, not that, it’s her Barak OBama support, silly!

Antonio Sabato Jr has had his “matchmaking show” picked up by VH1.

In the meantime, buckle up for Sonny’s-dump into the PC harbor–(such a stupid ReDux), he and Carly “regrouping” before he finally marries Cardia (because she’s the princess and he’s the “prince”) and explosions galore. Not that anyone gives you know what about the drug stuff and Karpov, but hey, this IS Guza land. Do I think Jerry will “die”?? Nah, we’ll think he’s dead, but he’s probably in the land of Alkazar and Stavvy; you know, they can pop up at anytime. How long will the whole Dante thing be dragged out? HA! Forever…see, he’ll finally get off the cell phone, come to town and then the “ducking and weaving” begins. Here’s hoping they don’t handle it as boring and clumsy as the “Big Matt Drake” reveal. Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz. oy. That was/is painful.

Thanks for all your support.  Remember there’s a nice link to Amazon on the site for your Holiday Shopping Pleasure! Take your mind off next Tuesday and go buy yourself a nice new purse.

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