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Rumor Patrol!

Want some rumors? What’s out there?? Well, Dante’s supposed to show up in JANUARY…(Please, make it sooner, put us outta our misery) and Kate will start another mag after Carly buys Crimson. There are big rumors about Nikolas and Carly hooking up that are flying around. We know Christopher Tyler would like to work with Laura Wright, so perhaps it shall happen! Could Kate get PG by Jax? Wouldn’t that be amazing? Jax, you know..with a REAL KID?? He’ll still be holding the torch for Carly though, so I’m not sure. Ingo’s leaving for vacation in a bit and Jax will “go away for awhile”–you know, either to visit Lady Jane or Hong Kong on business. OH! get this…someone out there is saying Jerry Jacks will show up sooner rather than later to cause more trouble. (I’m waiting for them to pull a ‘Diego’ when they have no other baddie to throw under a bus). I think SR has many movies in the works, and this might not happen (if at all ) until the spring.

I’ve said the best for last…or maybe the best, depending on how you view GH! Tristan Rogers is coming for Scrubs wedding #2, we all know that–but could he be recurring? I know, I know, we heard it before with Kristina Wagner, but I’m keeping my fingers crossed for some Luke/Robert hijinks. Or at least teaming up to bring down the dang mob. (along with Lucky and Mac–can’t you just PICTURE IT??!!! woo hoo!)

And, if you haven’t heard Maurice Benard re-signed his contract. Told ya. TOLD YA FOR MONTHS. 🙂 He’s staying at GH. Next up…Steve Burton. Will his big ol’ Juice Biz keep him from brooding in his black tshirt. I’d give it 60-40 for staying. Just sayin’.

Clock watch: Sarah Brown staying or going? January ’09 we’ll know! My big rumor on the rumor page has either Carlyl or Sonny taking out Claudia when they find out she hired the shooter that got Michael. (if Sarah Brown goes, that is).  Think about it, if Carly does it what jury would convict her?


TOMORROW IS WORLD AIDS Day. Will we get a Stone Mention? Our Nurses’ Balls came in JUNE, but after 8 years, they too have been dropped.


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Friday Night Spoilers…


Since I had a chance to get through my mail, I thought I’d update the scoops for you all! Go, take a gander! It’s going to be about revenge (Carly against Kate), Lust (Cardia for Sonny), explosions (Russians) and shootings (Sasha). There’s also some Tracy/Luke in there as well. Robin gets a diagnosis. Patrick and Matt bond over baby and video games. (see above) I hear Sonny shoots Sasha but not before Liz wacks her one at the PCPD. (can’t confirm that though). JaSam fans are hoping that this is a ‘new beginning’ for their couple, but with Guza at the helm, I’m not sure anyone will be winners. Jason will probably be female-less for awhile. Sam and Lucky will dance around the ‘big issues” and Liz will sit and sigh and moon at the nurses’ station. Pretty much like it’s been for a year.

The Scrubs Wedding #2 will  be at the end of December as we’ve heard.  I’m looking forward to Robert and Anna.

I’m also hearing (like everyone else out there) that Jan ’09 will be HUGE with budget cuts. We’ll all have to see what happens!

Hey! found out what Diane had her files in: Moda Italia! ah, I covet that bag!

BTW, I know the big thing happened in Mumbai but heck, I still say Burma (which is worse than the Bombay thing !! 🙂 –and for the IDIOT that made a rude comment, I know Burma is Myanmar, you idiot. Read my post from two days ago, maybe you’ll ‘GET IT’ then. Probably not though. Get a life.

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Black Friday….

Well, I have to go to the Mall at 3pm to drop off my Goddaughter for work at JC Penney. YES, three o’clock in the afternoon when EVERYONE will be lining up. ugh. Not fun. Better than 4am, though I don’t really do the Black Friday sales…the only thing we ever waited for was a Wii and my mom did that (for her only grandson, natch!)

A lot of you didn’t like the Thanksgiving show. I did think it was rather “thin”…however, I was just really happy to see something different. Stuart Damon too–I am so sick of the violence, I’ll take whatever I can get. AMC was good.

BTW, ROCHESTER IS NOT 30 MIN FROM NYC!! I know GH makes it seem that way and now, Top Chef is guilty! Geesh!! They had a 7-8 hour van ride here and they made it look like it was just a hop/skip. Plus, come on, if you’re doing a Thanksgiving show–don’t  FILM IT OUTSIDE!! LOL. It was totally summer.

Saw some of the Macy’s parade. LOTS of Disney singing. I loved the Sesame Street float because it had Gordon, Bob, Susan and Maria! Wow…(plus Grover, whom I adore!!).

Have a good one…no GH today!!

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Robin was so right about wanting to drop the baby off and sleep all day! I totally remember that!! LOL. Forget about presents, just LET ME SLEEP!!

Oh, they are talking about the Butterfly Effect!! Wowza. Guza, you philosopher you!!

DREAM: (ala Night Shift)

Epiphany smiling!!? RUNNING? it is a dream!!

Guess Coleman’s getting all the airtime! No Kelly’s…No other bars….I’m glad. I like him!! BTW, props to the props department for the bar chair/stools. Authentic!

Carly’s playing pool. LOL  🙂 That’s Carly!!  “I turned out just fine”….says she. ha!

ALAN! For reals!! Thank you, writers! He looks great! (I however, would have had him say “Nurse Webber, order me a pizza, will you”??)

OH geessssssssh. NEWS break–I was so scared. Terrible about Bombay.ugh. They say Al Queda? double ugh.

Maxie has on weird Grecian Hair…

GOOD for Liz, how much nicer it is to see her having fun than a gun. It would be nice to see if there was chem between those two.  HA, he called her “Spencer”. 🙂


Geesh, I think this is all about drinking! LOL…

OH NO HE DIDN’T! He just said ‘YOU NEED TO GET LAID DR. SCORPIO”!! lol…THIS is a dream!! And Maxie told Matt about the HIV. heh. How old is  Jason Cook IRL? Like 25?

Patrick’s place. Nice.

Ok, this is depressing me a bit because the whole show could just be a soapy love-fest (with some thrills) that revolves around the hospital.

HOW did U like the show??



and  I  think I heard PARAMORE ON THE JUKE BOX, (when Carly and Patrick were talking) which means the “coolkids”  were writing today! I do love when they do their Thanksgiving show. I still have  “Carly’s Dream” (Sarah Brown) scrubbing the Q’s floors!!


Thank YOU, faithful Wubbers for reading my stuff, clicking on my ads, putting up with the rants about our show. We all do it with WUB!! I’m thankful for your comments and your emails. Have a wonderful day tomorrow. It’s the one holiday where you can just eat and lay around afterwards! (no gifts involved and we ALL celebrate it in America –you Canadians do it early).

I shall try to stay off this beast tomorrow…I WISH you all a safe, happy and full o’ pie turkey day!!

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Robin down the aisle! Go to www.tristanrogers.com for his full message.  (told you he would, I just thought it would be the first one!)


Wait.. did I fall asleep and miss something? Liz and Sam were just getting over
the whole shooting thing and then *blink* Jake is gone and ONCE AGAIN Liz is
screaming for a baby. Why she thinks standing there and screaming is a good idea
is beyond me. I’d be doubled over crying and panicked.

OMG! I thought the same thing! I thought I’d been out of the room!! How weird that whole thing was. The stupid “interpol” thing makes no sense either. 

Question: The HILLS–  are those girls looking fugly lately? Is it their makeup? And, BTW, the whole JustinBobby/Lauren thing? Total manufactured for TV. Right down to the “leak” to Perez Hilton. They’d better be careful because people are going to find out just how fake/fake fake@@! The show is. Plus, Speidi got hitched ..ha, and really NO one cared!! Look at how false this might be, check out Perez! Ok, so why would a intellectual woman like me watch this tripe? Ah, call it…keeping up with the pop culture. That’s it!!

Here’s a pic for you of Maurice  at the Jonas Brothers Launch….he took his girlies too!


Well, I should be cleaning for my company tomorrow. Sigh SO MUCH TO DO!!

See you at three though, it will be my excuse to get away from it all!!!

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Everyone’s in black today. Everyone. Ok, Jax has on a blue tie. But everyone else? Black! Just in time for the festive season! Alexis, Kate, Jason, AZ, Johnny, Carly, Sonny Liz, Sam, the Borscht Boys..and Diane and Spin have on grey… Lulu managed to wear a blue sweater. She ruined it!

 Ric called Claudia beautiful. awww. 🙂

Claudia’s dress is interesting. I was wishing she’d wear red. (wasn’t that her sig color?) Someone tell me again why Sonny thinks marrying Claudia will let him find out anything? You think they’ll sleep together? (oh, well..hmmmmmm, let me think about THAT for a NY minute!!-NOT!) Maurice is playing this awfully scary…it’s like Sonny’s psycho.

OMG! Sonny’s giving Carly a GIANT GUN! GIANT!! geesh! Give her a pearl-handled cute one. That’s like going to kickback and give her a black eyeball! lol. I so wanted  “Jesse’s  got a gun to play when Carly pulled out the ‘piece’…

Kax: Called that one, eh?

I so hope Diane and Alexis DO open a law office together!! That’s my Christmas Wish. (from my lips to GUzi’s ears!!)

Sam/Liz: OMG..there’s not enough WORDS to write how stupid this is…LOL. Like Cam wouldn’t be crying his head off! Jake too! Bajeebus. Now Liz is a KILLER TOO! woo hoo! Er…is this supposed to make her ‘closer’ to Jason? You know, feel his mobular pain? Love how Sam had time to whisper her entire childhood to Liz. Man, Lucky’s in some kinda TROUBLE! LOL.

Anyone catch Tina on OLTL leaving behind the smallest dog ever with Sarah? Geesh, ween the thing first!  (ween? wean?)

Remember:  Tomorrow is the DREAM show…it might be good! Thursday: Kate’s shot at the wedding. Friday: Game day!

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Sarah Shares…


This fab photo of she and daughter Jordan at the Jonas Brother’s “Burning Book Tour” launch, standing with Jordin Sparks. Isn’t she the spitting image of her mom?? Guess Jordin is TALL??  (This was used with permission. Thank you, Sarah)!

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