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So..what did you think? I know we’ve dished ourselves silly about the past year…and I’ve been reeling over the whole mess of the ‘arcs’. Can we blame it on the writer’s strike? I don’t think so. Emily-Toomah, Michael Coma, Limo Sex, Borianna, the Ruskies, Implosion of CarJax,  SKate, maybe LuSam…Liason, the rise of Jooooooooooohnnny (who at first was crazy, then a brooding piano player, now a tree salesman!), the disappearance of Kristina, Molly and Giant Spencer–He’s IN the MOB…he’s OUTTA THE MOB…he’s back in the mob! The Z’s house fire, the fake drug story–Logan running into a knife,  Edward/Ephipany on the Jury, Special Guest Soprano, Spin and Maxie, Crimson, Olivia, Cardia, Cardia and Trevor’s past never explored, Max/Diane, Alexis and Diane go to the Biker Bar,  Jax tied up on a boat…nice Jerry, nasty Jerry…naughty Mr.  Craig. Matt, Noah, Anna–Dr. Drake, the “Blogs”– all the crappy sets we lived through, Scotty and Laura, Laura and the robe, Alan’s ghost…a wedding, about a million shots, stabbings and fires. Mike getting beat up. Kelly’s burned down.  We did get some digital effects of the car going over the bridge and Jason on a ski-boat.


jerryalexis  They never had a chance!

Things we didn’t see:  Diane/Alexis running for mayor, CarJax baby, Felicia/Bobbie/Monica at the SCrubs wedding, Nurses’ Ball….Carly taking over Crimson, Sonny REALLY quitting the mob, the PCPD catching anyone that ever got convicted..


GIANT Sora’d  SPENCER! (who then vanished)

Post your memories if you wish…maybe your fave moment (mine was Robert talking to Luke on the docks. Short but I swear, I got that old “GH feeling” back. Maybe your fave prop… (Laura’s white rocking chair? The Haunted Star’s swing?)



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So, TIME WARNER sucks!



Did you hear it may drop MTV, VH1, Comedy Central and others? WTH..they charge a freekin’ mint as it is..and they can’t “make nice” with Viacom? Read it and weep, TW customers! I’ll miss all my crappy VH1 reality shows and of course, Jon and Stephen. My kid watches Nick sometimes, and TV Land.

grrrrrrrrrrrrr. May be time to go Direct TV!

HAVE A HAPPY New  Year!! Here’s hoping 2009 is dang fine!!

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The Year is Closing…

And I just want to say (again): OLTL  is the best soap in the air right now.


  More great pics at www.ghofs.net  winnie


By the way, I DO NOT have anything concrete yet on the “Hospital Crisis” coming. There are only rumors out there right now. I don’t even have any “reliable rumors” to report yet! Hang on…the stuff will be coming out soon enough. Remember there were a lot of false things out there for awhile–so I think it’s best to wait. Speculation is always fun though!

HEY! the electricity is off in Port Charles–which, actually looks just like when the electricity is ON! lol.

So, does anyone know if a laptop can really be hooked into a car battery? Wouldn’t you just go to a car and hook it in to charge?

I guess the cast integration was all used up for the wedding. It was all couples isolation today. BIG time. I so wish I would have DVR’d it all.

Lulu and Maxie’s apt: Turquoise.

Wow. Today’s show in a nutshell? zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz. The whole Jolu thing? Paint peeling!

Tracy/Luke: same ol’ same ol’

Now, Jax. Bajeebus, how are we supposed to take him? One minute he’s telling Carly to take a major hike off a cliff and the next? All cute and cuddly. OY!

So…Nik mentions Spencer–Nadine says “I see you with him”…glad YOU do, cause we sure don’t! He’s probably 24 by now.

Wed/Thurs: GH rerun Wed..Thurs pre-emption

NEW SPOILERS ARE UP! Take them for what they are worth! Looks like couples are going to be shuffled all over the place. Olivia’s working at The Metro.

My New Year’s (GH) Resolution: To try to find something a bit more positive about GH. Either that or DVR more. heh.

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The FIRST Jake…

Ring any bells?


Sam Behrens

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Happy Hanukkah!


We always have a menorah on our mantel to honor the holiday! It even has ‘flickering’ bulbs!! Trivia question: Which GH character was Jewish? (many, many moons ago…) I saw OLTL have Nora and Sam do their thing. Thank goodness diversity reigns somewhere!

I have so enjoyed your comments about the shows over the holiday. My biggest fear is what is coming, and how the hospital is now going to be used as a “flash point” for a crisis. :eyeroll:

Enjoy the day! Keeping checking the scoops page for more stuff. A lot is rumor now (remember it was “sure” Carly bought Crimson for the party??!) so I’m being a cautious WubQueen. 

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Holiday Sweep…

First of all “Jingle Jackal” was so wonderful, I’m saving it to watch over and over. I had a grin on my face the whole time, and some  tears too! Karen Harris wrote the “stand alone” eppy on Thanksgiving…I’m  not sure who wrote this but they deserve a giant Christmas Cake. And Kisses. Monica and Alan. Good Lord, what has HAPPENED TO THIS SHOW???? sniff. Guess that’s why I keep on watching. The potential. The hope. *sigh*. I DVR’d everything on Christmas to watch later.  (the soapnet stuff).

OLTL: Aw! Loved the show today. Todd even made me a bit sad. Bo/Rex. DAVID VICKERS! LOL Todd even broke my heart a little. (just a teeny). I chalk that up to Trevor St.John’s magic! AND you know who’s coming home!  lol..can’t wait. David Vickers!! Roxy was a hoot.


ON WITH THE WEDDING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

More Scorpio fun! What will we do when Anna/Robert leave us? BUG GUZA/PRATT until they can’t take it anymore and get them back on the show!! Aw, the Mac flashback to when Robin told him she was HIV positive. sniff. Robert and Mac. WOWZA! . Quite a bit about Stone today, eh? Sonny didn’t even bother me.

First time I’ve liked Dr. Matt, btw. Here’s hoping they can pull off bonding these two.

Luke’s there. :thud: Ok, now my only ‘tiny’ gripe is no Sean and Tiff. It would have been such a great surprise for us!

OMG! The Robin and Robert meeting! HOW little was she? Isn’t it wonderful when a kid grows up and isn’t SORA’d?? sighhhhhhhh.


REMEMBER TO SEND cards/letters into the studio. Tell them we loved the Christmas show and the Scorpio family!! AND THE Q’s!!

Claudia and Sonny. This is going to be complicated. You wait. It’s a traditional Guza romance. Hate to tolerance to…lust to…?? WHAT THE HECK  did Cardia have on her feet? LOL.

Maxie and Jason. hee hee. Is that a faux fur that Maximista has on? If not those PETA PEOPLE will be so mad!

I am going to totally redo all the spoilers for the New Year soon. Round up all the “predictions”  and true scoops and start fresh. There is so much flying around about the “Hospital Event” and the Nu-Rebeccily I have to sort it all out. With the budget cuts coming, a LOT is up in the air. Next week is the New Year’s Eve montages. Carly and Sonny go and visit Michael (meet up there actually) and Maxie and Spin share a dance. Please hit an ad for me and get your neighbors to also. 🙂 It’s sharin’ the WUB, people!!

Hope you all had a Merry, those of you that celebrate. (everyone however, can celebrate SANTA!! ) I had a great day. Saw “The Day The Earth Stood Still” this morning. Keanu Reeves was born to play that part! LOL…total alien! Very good movie. I enjoyed it more than “War of the Worlds” or others of that type. Little Will Smith’s kid is just a cutie. Good little actor too. Best part? Went with my Dad. Just the two of us..like we used to do when I was a kid. 🙂

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No, I haven’t watched yesterday’s show yet. I’ve been so busy, it’s not possible! I know it’s “Stand Alone” so I will catch it when I can and blog then (after Christmas?). I was thinking that it would have been hilarious for Spin to be in a “Home Alone” thing with the mob…LOL…jumping on Sonny’s bed, trying on aftershave!

Thank you to everyone that reads the blog…my faithful Wubbers! Thanks for those of you that comment, those of you that lurk, those of you that email me with tidbits. You make running the site so much easier! Let’s all wish upon Laura’s Christmas star that NEXT YEAR we finally turn that corner on GH and it becomes “our” show again. Peace and Good Cheer!

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