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Even MORE Drama!!

I wanted to comment on Billo’s comment because I thought it was interesting and GOD KNOWS we need something interesting to discuss at this time.

I think Linda has a point… I’m a dude and can’t stand some of the bashin now
and again so when I feel this way I simply don’t tune in. Then I come back. (I
always come back, I’m hooked on karen!) I may be a minority but I don’t come
here to read about oltl or AMC. I think there should be a separate link for
these subjects kind of like some of the other sites do (ie gh happenings). That
way we don’t have to read through them all if we don’t want to esp when some
people get carried away w/ charachter bashing. Let’s remember that the actors
are acting out the scripts which points to the writers as sucking, not the
actors. I learned a long time ago you can’t please everyone. Having said that. I
have watched GH since college and won’t admit that too many places. Here I know
I won’t usually be judged. Maybe Karen can change her format so all of us don’t
have to go through every post to get the goods or opinions on GH, vs the other
shows. JMO

I want everyone to know one thing: I am the ONLY person that runs this entire site. Gedstern helps with things but doesn’t do the writing. I do NOT have a staff. It’s just me. I do not get paid to do this. Haven’t gotten paid ever in 11 years. (The google ads and Amazon are the only things that keep me going) I tried for years to keep the spoiler/rumor page free of my comments (that was the days before blogs) and found it hard not to write a “column” now and again. When Blogging came along I thought AH-HA! What a great chance! Those people that like the dish I do can read me when they want to. When I got my laptop, I could watch GH at the same time, or later when I watch the DVR. I also found it fun to put in primetime stuff because I’m a TV-ho, what can I say!? I’m telling you this because for me to have different blogs going with different links would be a nightmare. Having all the pages I do edit are sometimes overwhelming!

I do know this is a GENERAL HOSPITAL blog. I don’t get any scoops on OLTL or AMC. I don’t know anyone that works for those shows. I don’t get press releases or PR info. I just write about it because I’m a gabber! LOL. Many people watch all 3 ABC Soaps. I do call it the “GH” so when people search, the find the Wubs site.

I have to say that yes, I am a HUGE character basher. My WUBS are based on character bashing. I am NOT an Actor-Basher. Never have been. I am amazed everyday those people can continue to do one of the hardest (if not THE hardest) job in acting.

I’m taking the time to write all this because I do care about the people that read these blogs and keep the site afloat. If people want to comment (good or bad) I do reserve the right to comment on it. I will never publish email addys or names, however. The only things I’ve ever deleted are nasty comments that are spamish in nature.

BTW, I am not a fulltime blogger..or a webmaster. I do have another career (speech pathologist). This is a total hobby born out of my love for GH and doing spoofs on things I find stupid.  Kind of like when they did the Sonny/Ric transfusion at the B&W Ball using a rubber hose! LOL…(still cracks me up!)

SOOOOOOOOOOO, in closing, enjoy Superbowl Day tomorrow! Thanks for the comments. It’s always LIVELY on here!


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She took the time to write today! Thanks to LINDA for giving us such a nice note!

I just want to say how sorry I feel for most the people who post on this site.
If there was some way I could take away the pain you go through every time you
watch GH I would. I have a suggestion, why not change the name to ABC Wub and
delete GH from your viewing. It seems everyone likes OLTL and AMC  so why not
just watch them and forget GH?Oh I forgot then you wouldn’t have anything to
complain about. It is too bad you all like to make yourself miserable. I really
shouldn’t criticize since I do the same thing to myself by reading this site.

BTW, when we do like the show, we gush. And, you can say all you want about ME but don’t make comments about my Wubbers!! Humpf! Sorry, today’s show was miserably bad. B-A-D.

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Carly, we have a PROBLEM!

Ah, poor Starr, eh?  Natalie is something, isn’t she? And Tea! The cat that ate the cheese. 😉 And what a way to END THE SOAP! Woot! Todd, holding a giant knife and Lee H….dead. Probably that guy Marty is hanging with did it.

GH: Here we go!  Like I said, TENT the area! LMAO. And, er…Jason, why you still talking to the FBI weenie? Call MAC DADDY! Wouldn’t you shut off the ventilation system FIRST? Oh, boy, this is going to be a LOOOOOOOOOOOONG couple of weeks, people. Finally, Ryder says seal off the vents. Er…..way too late. Braahahaha! Now he wants The Jackal to tap into the computer system.

Cardia seals off the vent in the boardroom with package poppers and blue tape. If AZ wasn’t there it would be a complete bust. He’s hysterical Laughing like a loon. They are taking out the people that faint. Sooooo, wouldn’t you “faint”?? I would! :raising hand: Trevor is out and Kate is out. (we know Trevor isn’t dead …yet)

Nikolas is trying to figure out what Embecily is doing. By having LULU stand there. Uhhhh. ok. Then he realizes he left Nadine in the boardroom. He must share this with Jason.

Robin and MacDaddy! I want the Ethan boy to be his! Mac finally gets called to GH.

In a twin-tandem story, some guy (we know he’s named Ethan) is breaking into the Haunted Star he has a giant chain belt on. Uh…oh. Fake Aussie accent alert! At least they didn’t have Luke fall for his stupid Drink Until You Sleep. I guess that kid is good looking in a rugged sort of way. Looks like he could star in Twilight. Me thinks TG got a great block-taping out of this and is probably whooping it up in Holland as we watch.

Epiphany: I have an ER full of stupid people…and SAM SAYS “Maybe we should close down the ER”. :eyeroll: SAM..even Lulu looks smarter than half the people there.

Another extra down, some poor guy in the nurses’ station! This is a picky biotoxin!

So, nutshell:

Trevor passes out along with Kate…both out of the boardroom. Claudia passes out right when she’s going to tell Sonny Daddy shot Kate. Tracy snipes, Nadine looks stricken, Laura Wright looks aghast she has to say these lines.

Patrick operates on ball swallower. Gets out the balls (they look smaller somehow)

Agent Ryder finally figures out you have to SHUT DOWN THE HOSPITAL.

Jason and Sam stare out into the snow.

MacDaddy’s on his way!

Luke catches Ethan Lovett. No relation to Lyle. (that we know of!)

Have a super weekend. Thank you for all the emails when you find interesting stuff on the net. You help so much!! Hey, it takes a village to raise a WUB! Check for new spoilers through the weekend!

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Go to Daytime Confidential for a video detailing the GH fire. You’ll see Sonny pointing a gun at Trevor–people running all over with fires raging.

Comment from cyn:

I missed half the show today because I got home late from running errands. Maybe
I should say I didn’t miss it. Most days, this blog and the wubs are the only
things I actually like about GH. I still think Carly and Olivia should have just
sat in the lobby of the Metrocourt and stuffed envelopes with contribution forms
for the charity. It would have been a lot more watchable.
Who wrote this stuff? Some guy swallows poison balls and kills the o.r. staff
who try to get ’em out of him? Eesh. My 6 year old twin grandkids come up with
better stories.

I am still stunned at the lack of ANYTHING PLAUSABLE in this story. It’s like Guza slapped it together in 2.4 days and said: GO! From the lame “benefit” to the poison storyline. Someone said “wouldn’t their clothes have been contaminated”?? Heck, ya…they’d put a tent around the entire room I’m thinking until the could “flush and hose”. The absence of Mike and Bobbie? Come on, did we really expect them to be there? ahahahahhha. they are BUSY REBUILDING KELLYS! So, you know in a month or so, people can walk in. We never actually GET to see that storyline, right? When I look at the promo above I have to laugh. It’s exactly like every other freekin’ GH disaster out there. Whatever. I think it lasts until Feb. 13th…can’t be exactly sure though. Spoiler updates will be posted in about 15 min (10:15 est)

the woman playing Janet on OLTL was she the ex govenors wife you are talking

I thought it was Donna Hanover playing Janet. Nope. Wrong! Sorry. But it made for some fun comments. LOL She played Dr. Hanson in 2000.

from MSNBC (update) thanks to pookiesmama:

General Hospital’ to get an extreme makeover

Fiery storyline gives producers chance to remake long-standing set

"General Hospital" set
The nurses hub set from “General Hospital” is shown ablaze. After 45 years, the ABC daytime soap’s long-standing hospital set is flatlining as part of an explosive storyline.


updated 28 minutes ago

LOS ANGELES – The prognosis for the medical facility depicted for the past 45 years on ABC’s “General Hospital” isn’t good.

The daytime soap’s long-standing hospital set is flat-lining as part of an explosive story line. Following a fiery crisis, the show’s crew has ignited the clinical den of drama, and producers plan to construct a totally new interior.

“This story really became an opportunity to take a shot at revising the look of the hospital and refreshing it,” said executive producer Jill Farren Phelps. “It felt like the right time to update it. The style of the nurses’ station has been the same for 45 years. In daytime, space is money. This new version will incorporate a lot of usable new space.” 

Chip Dox designed the set, it debuts in April. (yes, APRIL)

“It will have a very different look,” Farren Phelps said. “We want it to feel like you are walking into a place that feels fresh and modern. It will still be inside the same hospital. It will have the same architecture, but it will no longer be that big round nurses’ station we’ve become nostalgic about over the years.”


Tell me what you think so far:

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Photo from daytimeconfidential… rockin’ soap site!

AMC: Too FUN…Eric invites Greenlee’s and Reese’s MOMs to the bridal shower.  WOOT!! Good casting for her, they look a LOT alike I think. (are they making Bianca look matronly?)  I wish they’d concentrate on the whole gay thing and not the Zach/Reese thing. Dr. Blonde-Crazy woman is    pushing Annie to the brink. She also tells Tadd what she’s working on. I guess they didn’t sign that patient-rights paper!  That Doctor is SO BAD at her job! LOL. Bratworst is making David H so uncomfortable. Kendall opened her eyes!

OLTL: Nora has a fun dream where Tea’s her lawyer and Todd’s the judge. Heh. Starr is crying to Schyler who looks mighty cute. Cole sees Tea and Todd at the diner…!  Dramas!!! Trials happen faster than fast on this show! Our ex-governer’s wife (DH) and Marty argue about Todd. Susan is a FIRECRACKER of an actress. wowza.

GH:  Jason calls the FBI guy because he knows everything, then he rushes in to tell Epiphany what to do…the Par-tay is in full swing (boring as hell) and Kate walks in…right when Claudia is going to tell Sonny her Daddy shot his bride. You know, not for nothin’…but they could have just called people on the phone for money. BENEFITS usually involve dinner, dancing and auctions. Or AT LEAST some BACKGROUND music! LOL…

WHY would Claudia tell Sonny during this event?

Beret-woman is not EMBRAT! Just goes tot he same clothing store.

 The people in the OR drop like flies, and I have no idea how they’d save even ONE of them if they are all exposed to the same thing. BUT! Jason and Sam are there! No one else is around. It’s hysterical. Hospitals are usually teaming with people, especially outside and OR. And is it me or is Patrick the only one dragging people out? Would all the guys in suits drag all the people out at once? WTH?

Anthony Z spills to Ric that Claudia squealed on him. Stupid Claudia. Why would she have told her Dad?? Idiot. Tracy fluffs her snow off all over AZ. She looks fabulous, btw!

Connie/Kate asks Olivia about staying in Port Charles! She’s finally saying what we ALL WANT TO KNOW!!!!! Like WHY THE HELL are you STILL HERE?! (which by the way, she didn’t answer)

Nadine’s suit really doesn’t fit her well. I wish Eddie would say “My you remind me of our dear Chloe”…

Maxie is stuck in a mound of mashed potato flakes and Johnny saves her. They are all coz in a cottage/storage garage/shack…multi-purpose bungalo. OMG, wait. Haven’t we seen this before? When JoLuLu were running?

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Tony Geary re-signs!

According to SOD, Tony Geary has re-signed to keep on playing Luke. (why wouldn’t he?) Now we are just waiting on word about Burton. I’m saying  he stays, with a generous “out clause” built in. Maybe he’ll take a break for a bit–but not long. GH continues to  block tape, giving people time off here and there and we don’t even notice! Look at TG–he’ll be filming with the newbie “Ethan” all in blocks.

Also, the rumors about Monica dying seem to be just that. LC will be “recurring” as per usual.

NEW SCOOPS  are up! Basically all hosptial drama. AZ is going to try to kill Claudia numerous times, fail…almost get killed by Trevor and then Sonny. Explosions are coming too. Can’t have a crisis without some pyrotechnics! Remember to hit an ad while you are on the site. thanks!

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Ugh…it’s still snowing here! But that won’t stop our Sam from driving the shipment for the Z’s! wow. Isn’t she amazing!?????????  Lake Ontario must be perfect sailing weather!!

AMC:I only watched on and off. Greenlee dreamed that Annie knifed Ryan. That weird blonde doctor knew Tadd wasn’t a reporter. David H told JR that Amanda slept with half the town (including him). Greenlee told Ryan she didn’t want Amanda’s baby but maybe one by a surrogate someday.

OLTL:I only watched the last half. David Vickers didn’t sign the papers because Rex got in there first. Natalie told Jared they wouldn’t move out of Vicky’s until she knew the girls were safe from Jessica. Jessica visited with Chloe–Vicky thought something was up when she couldn’t remember the baby’s birth. Dr. Idiot (I mean, really) explained “Well, I hypnotized her, Tess didn’t show up”…so she was ready to go home. Vicky totally believed him for some reason. Cole popped more pills. John tried to talk to Cole, but Cole didn’t wanna hear it. Starr was crying after Tea left because Tea did a number on her about Todd trying to kill himself. Starr runs to Schyler because his Mom killed herself I guess. But she’s huggin’ him a bit tooooooooooooooo tight!

GH:  flashbackPatrick is talking to the FBI guy…:shock, horror: Winnie goes over the guest list. Flips through mug shots. Defends Spinelli to “the man”. The audience is drifting…drifting….zzzzzzzz

Jason somehow gets the HIJACKERS to talk on the phone :eyeroll and giggle:  Different director today than yesterday I see. Hmmmmmmmmm.

Nikolas goes to the Q crypt. Good to See Justus on there. Bajeebus but there’s a ton of names on that building!! At least TC is acting cold. (Potato flakes not withstanding!) blah, blah…Sorry NEM fans for the Rebeckily. (I keep trying out new names for the Lash-blast girl) Oh! He called Nadine “pure”.  FLASHBACK: Wow! Tyler Christopher is TINY!

SO, you’re having a blizzard but putting on a benefit as well. Wow. That’s the way we do it! AND IN WALKS LULU!!!!! What a whiner. brahahhahahaa. It’s a wonder Carly lets her rave in the lobby. Oh. Wait. Carly does it with Jax all the time! Yeah. Jax has to call Hong Kong.  Because his mother can’t wait. Cause you know, Lady Jane is so ‘big biz’. Now, Jax actually needs to GO TO HONG KONG in the middle of the storm.

SKate: Kate tells Sonny she can’t go to the benefit. She cries about the night Michael was shot. Cardia is listening–and Sonny is saying he’s going to find out what happened to Michael. Kate Leaves. Cardia skulks. They mill around the drinks cart for about 20 minutes. Sonny: “Why were you in my room”..Cardia “Why was Kate in your room”….Sonny: “I dunno, why were YOU in my room”?? Cardia: “Well, Kate was in there first…” yada yada.

Kate has the secret hypnotising DVD–Jerry is now talking to KATE over cyberspace! Kate is APPALLED!!  APPALLED I TELL YA! She finds Lulu in the lobby and tells her she’s taking her to the benefit so she can spill stuff to Sonny…

Sammy comes in with a wrist injury. Sam looks like it’s October outside. Matt tells Patrick to go home. The idiot that swallowed the big balls is hurting on the gurney. WONDER why. Patrick and Matt start poking around his tummy. Ha. The guy isn’t saying anything about those giant spheres in his gut though. The FBI guy is yelling at Jason. IT’s soooo obvious that the FBI guy is up to no good. Hey, Patrick signs off on Sam’s boo-boo? Don’t they have interns? Residents? Hell, the bed pan guy? (I know medical people,  I’m just being snarky)…Oh, I get it –it’s so Patrick can talk to SAM about losing a baby– and talk about Robin.

Monica jumps in, says we are doing the surgery.

WHO remembers the specifics of “The End Game”?? I know Matt put some up on YouTube. I can’t remember the story exactly, GH80, but I do know they scrapped it because of 9/11. Was Hells going to infect the town? I remember they had that secret lab under GH and everything.

THE BENEFIT: Carly was ok with Cardia coming (and wearing a tightthighththththt leather skirt! in all black, btw. I do love that skirt. I probably could wear that in the first grade. LOL) Edward shows up. Why he heck would Carly throw it in the boardroom  and not at the Metro? Edward just told Sonny and Carly off. heh. Edward is flirting with Nadine….:) God I MISS THAT MAN!!

Spin’s magic finds out that Bragg is in the OR at GH. Patrick looks at the Xrays..he sees…OMG! What the Hell?????? He’s on the phone and KNOWS THE POISON IS IN HIS BELLY! OMG! The CRISIS BEGINS!!!!!! Montage we’ve seen on the commerical. Robin throws the monitor, Patrick races up stairs, knocks over a nurse, Kate’s on her way to talk to Sonny, Nikolas sees Embecily. People start dropping like flies in the OR. Poison gas is leaking all ovah…

words of the day: “Wild Goose Chase” and “Nebulous”. (by the FBI guy) oh, he also said “innocuous” ! woot!

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