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Pink Time Force Ranger!

Erin Cahill is slated to play “Cassandra” the mysterious woman who asks Spinelli to help her with her finances.


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We’ve dished on GH’s writing until we are blue! How about a fun change o’ pace?

Julie Marie Berman’s fave cosmetics to make her eyes POP!


Benefit’s Gilded  Gold Eye Pencil available at Sephora.com (fave store!)

Mascara? DiorShow in Blackout: available at Amazon.com (plus, it’s on sale!)


dior waterproof, natch, so that when Johnnieeee makes her cry, it doesn’t run!!!

How did I find all this out? Oh, I have my Wubbly Ways People!

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Go to the wubs net for all the new spoilers. Spin leaves the country–the beginning of the Michael “awakening” starts, and Robin sinks deeper into distress.

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GH on Friday….


Tracy thinks Ethan is cute…bails them both out. Tracy wants his booty on the Haunted Star.

Daddy and Clardia argue. Newsflash:  They hate each other.

Maxie and Johnnieeee look at themselves on the net while Spin and Lulu sulk.

Carly and Jax: Is Morgan Safe? IS Sonny dangerous? Jax then whines to Olivia about Sonny. She tries to defend him. Sorta.

Spin gets arrested.

Sonny enters the killer’s den!! AZ tells him she’s got a bomb-o-rama on her. Claudia’s on the roof.

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No details yet, but he nailed his audition and will be on an eppy in the future. As soon as I know the details, I’ll pass them along. He also auditioned for “Gossip Girl” this week! (Real Andrews played Taggert on GH. I still miss him!)

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Visit Flicker to see behind the scenes photos from Nascar Driver Jeff Burton’s visit to the GH set!

Thanks to all of you that have followed the Wubs on Twitter!  Look for: WubsNet

See you at 3pm when I live blog!!

Bajeebus….I guess you can tell I’M NOT A NASCAR fan. Sorry. 😦 It’s BURTON!

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Hey, may as well. You can follow the WubsNet on Twitter: Twittering Wubs
You can get instant updates on your phone or in your email. (I am not tweeting by phone yet, I don’t  have a giant blackberry!) This service is Free, btw.

The spoilers are updated: WubsNet  but if you were on Twitter, you’d know that! nothing huge, btw. (Like there’s been anything HUGE in awhile)

OLTL: David Vickers asking Bo to clean up his parking tickets. Heh. I thought Clint should have burst out laughing!!

GH:   Bernie and Sonny. You go, BERNIE!! Sonny just stands there and yells–and shakes his head.

Sorry, I didn’t know that was Florida. Silly me–didn’t notice the rubber elephant earplants. My bad.  Sam has on a boobalacious cabana dress!!

The hospital damage was minimal. Ok… And, wow, good idea Nikolas to have Emily’s Ghost walking around. heh.

Guess it’s time to see Ethan and Luke again! Tracy is yelling. Luke is yelling. Ethan is yelling. She decides to get Ethan out, not Luke. Heh.  (cause Ethan’s cuter?)

CarJax: Fights about—who else?—Sonny!!!!!

BTW, I have said a number of times that I like Laura Wright’s teeth! I love natural teeth on my soaps. I LOATHE HOLLYWOOD TEETH! Remember when Coltin Scott got his chompers? eek! Scared the hell out of me.  Jacob Young has giant ones as well. I was watching some  movie the other day and thought, soon no one will play “real people” cause they’ll all look like Movie Star Teeth.

THERE WE GO! Finally AZ says he knows Cardia had Michael shot!! And she was brilliant to put Johnny in the mix. Sarah Brown is crying nicely today! Now I see why she had her sneakers on in the pic. Coming home from the gym. I guess they make love after Sonny saves her.

Looks like the Lady Jane scoop was put up by a TROLL and passed along to me. Oh well. Sorry.

Best Line: Edward to Nikols:  “Thanks to you, you nincompoop”!  He had the BEST lines today!! “Dollars to Navy Beans”– heh

Next Best:  Lucky to Sam: “Rebecca is nothing like Emily…I like her”!

If this chick isn’t one of Helena’s stunts, I’ll be gobsmacked.

I heard the beginning of GH is being updated to dovetail the re-opening of the hospital.

FINAL NOTE: Sonny’s back running HIS organization, Jason’s his henchman and Bernie’s back to his ‘ol job. NOTHING CHANGED. NOTHING! So much for the big, HUGE “Shake ups”. Guza LIES!

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