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Ok, I’m having a SEVERE headache over the ReNem couple. PLEASE let me know: If you are a NEM fan, are you digging this? Is it bizarre to watch? Are you hoping it’s Emily? I’m waiting for him to stuff her into that nice ball gown asap.

HAUNTED STAR! Look at all those customers! Poor Ethan, still meeting people one…by one……by…one. HEY! Wubber Lori had a great idea–how’s this: Ehthan is JERRY and Holly’s son! Hell with all the rewrites why not? And, btw…I do think Ethan was/is supposed to be Luke’s…BUT—(and a BIG BUTT! LOL) TPTB want to test him with Lulu. ERGO, they’ll spin whatever until they get the “chem test” back.

Natasha and Luke, woo hoo! Come on–they’ve GOT to say HELENA pretty soon.  COME  ON. Wouldn’t you be all over this? Hellooooooooo. HELENA. HELLS, the evil one. The one that has the capacity to clone people. Steffie and Stavvy mention! What the hell shirt is Alexis wearing?

Speaking of Chem tests, Wowza on Johnxie, eh? More chemical romance there than JoLu had in forever.

JaSam is making up in record time! Will she pull a hot tub in their future?? Wonder if Jason ever thinks about Elizabeth. Remember just a few short months ago when he was pining away for Jake? Looking at his picture all the time? Dreamily staring off in the distance? I did love SB talking about “Spinelli” to Sam. LOL.

Just think. Michael’s moving his hand. We see his face first time mid April (or so they say) and he’s up in MAY???? They’d better speed this sheeza up soon.

IF Jax watches that DVD one more time……guess it takes up time.

OH MY GOD!!!  BRAHAHAHA! So, when every 20something on EARTH texts, Maxie TALKS while Lulu is HOME??????? 😉

ON THE OTHER HAND, I ran home to watch OLTL on the DVD. The last 30min were awesome!! It’s just perfect. Love the umbrella stories and the only complaint I have (Christian and Leyla…eesh) isn’t even a big one!! Pee Pee gets meaner, Schyler and Cole are wonderful (could they be half-brothers or what?!). Starr talking to Blair…Jessica seeing Brody and Gigi. Poor Gigi (although why oh why can’t she lie!!??) Even sad, angst boy John was good. We have the Baby secret and the killer thing going on! Dorian’s making out with Ray–Starr is all obsessed over teacher…eeeeeeeee! Todd’s on the warpath. eeeeeeee!

See ya tomorrow! Few new spoilers up, take a gander, you know to hit the ads 🙂 I sure appreciate it!


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U know why he’s chugging that scotch!

From The ScrubsHub…SOD says that Rick Hearst and Megan Ward are off contract and on Recurring Status. We all know what that means–storage closet, here they come!!!!!

Of course,  no official word from ABC yet….surprise, surprise. We heard a Murder Mystery in the making..wonder who will be the one to get it? My guess? Kate…Ric seems like a character that may resurface in the future.

GHOFS is reporting that Tyler Christopher is going to be a Daddy! Congrats!!

UPDATE: Watching OLTL and LOVING Gigi/Rex and awesome kudos to Schyler and Cole!!

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AMC:nothing big..well, Ryan and Zac had a card game and Zac won, got to keep his Casino. Kendyl sat there and stared; all teary-eyed. David shook Crystal until she fell on a table and Little A ran out to see Mid-A at Jesse/Angie’s house.

OLTL:We saw the flashbacks of how the whole Blair/John “Wedding” took place. Love it when they do that! The ceremony was too cute with Addie and Dorian there as well.  Evil Pee-Pee is harassing Rex. Gigi and Brody plan to get Rex outta her life (Why they just don’t tell him is beyond me, just pull the wool over that skank’s eyes!) Blair has my exact ring tone so I totally thought my phone was going off! LOL

It’s snowing here. I SAID SNOW! grrrrrrrrrrrr.

People wonder if we are ever going to hear about the Equinox thing. Surely, you jest! Unless of course, they finally get rid of Rayner by making him the “bad cop” and expose him as the culprit. When will that happen? Who knows.

YouTube GH promo. Claudia baby-dreamin’ or at least a ClauSon-SexFest.

The Daytime Emmy nods will be announced on May 14th (moved back from April) and will be on The Today Show.

GH TODAY: Maxie mouthed off to Jason, which was fun. Jax saw Michael.  Cardia rolled Ric under the bed–LOL Sonny went around the room, trying to drink the scotch. heh. Lulu says: “I’m a Spencer, I won’t expect you to change”…..Uhhhh, you must forget your mother who totally wanted Luke to change (sometimes with good reason!) and Luke who wants Lucky to change from a cop to a con!

Maxie’s face was priceless when Claudia was telling her about Ric.  And Cardia is running up to Sonny. To have double-sex. Not for nothin, but WHY DO they insist on doing the whole “security” thing when there is NEVER ANY at Sonny’s house!???! The limo scene was fun. “Weekend AT Bernies”

Lulu and Spin…rehashing, rehashing….

Ethan: MIA must be a day of off-the-block-tape.

Uh, did Lulu have a Rainbow Bright sweater on?

Sonny, geesh, nice way to booty-call. AND he was dissing Spin big time. meanie.

Rebecily and Nikolas. Anyone else feel like this is just basically re-watching what happened before? heh.

Ingo and Laura Wright look soooooooo good together! THEY’D better give a  baby Janie to CarJax!!

BTW: another scene cut? Maxie was to drive with Jeff Burton. It was even in the mags. Heh. Did Imiss it during a day of DVRing?

Watched Celeb Apprentice last night. Surprisingly good, and DRAMAZZZZZ! Joan was a crack Hotel person, wasn’t she? I think Jesse J was going to cry. The producers must have been dying over the events taking place! Rubbing their hands together. Think Dennis will be on VH1  with Dr. Drew soon?

Amazing Race: My fave team went home…but they did it with such grace!

Tomorrow’s a huge work day for me (for reals work…_) so I’ll be back to the DVR.

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Interesting week. GH was beaten in the ratings by OLTL and AMC..yes, only by a hair but that hair is a telling one. GH may rise up to #3 once and awhile but it does it infrequent and it doesn’t last. We can rehash what’s wrong, but we all know: It’s the writing. No stories seem to be followed through, the timeline is disjointed and interrupted by “huge” events we could care less about. I have to harp on the Ethan introduction, so symptomatic of GH.  Block taping with Tony Geary gave us a glimpse of him in the same place and situations for about 2 weeks, then he was off canvas…now is just being spun around. I hear it’s due to the infighting over who he really is. A Dupe for Hells only? Luke’s Son? A lover for Lulu?
I can tell you THIS–it has been one of the most boring, tedious way to get us into a character ever. Well, wait.  No, it also happened with Matt. You know, Dr. Matt–the one that took 6 months to come out as Noah’s son–right when Rick Springfield left the show to tour.

Here’s a question: What’s up with Johnny’s grease monkey job? Did he buy the garage or not? Is he still working at Crimson?   I hear he and Maxie will go out again, and Spin and Lulu will be jealous again. There are so many damn holes around the canvas I shudder. Olivia came on with a bang. Now, she’s carrying her clipboard around the Metro. Kate? woman scored, great magazine maven or a ghost we see 1x a week if that? Michael will be seen April 24th,  open his eyes in May. zzzzzzzz. Okay. Many Sonny/Carly conversations over his shooting. Again.

I don’t know what to say anymore. I read the spoilersand shake my head. Other than Helena coming in to stir up trouble, there’s not a hell of a lot to look forward to. You’d think after the success of Night Shift, they would have learned something. You know, have a real story with a beginning, middle and ending. I think the GH writers all live far apart, turn in their stories via email and no one bothers to integrate.

Swear, this show is like the Haunted Star: Closed for 99% of the time!

Hey, WUBSNET is up to 940 people on Twitter!  It’s a fun way to keep up to date. When the Kristina casting breaks, we’ll be all a twitter about it! My first ever Twitter survey was a success. 102 answers–and the winner of the fave character? Sonny by a landslide.  Brenda was second. For the  younger set Maxie was the clear choice.

We still have to find out about the Kristina casting and I find it a bit strange it hasn’t come out yet.

Carly’s dizzy and Claudia is dying to get PG. Hmmmmmmmm. Supposedly a huge Who’s the Daddy Storyline.  I’m personally thinking there’s been so many rewrites, anything could happen with this story. If Jax finally gets a kid, I think we’ll all pass-out!

The only  new ‘insider’ rumblings that I’ve gotten so far is that the Helena storyline may indeed be the “Endgame” that was due after 9-11. If you remember, TG had a  hand in writing that tale. We’ll see if it’s time for the Cassadine/Spencer War of the Worlds to finally come to an end!

On to other stuff:

Here’s an interesting event in NY! I’d love to see these two together!

You have two chances to meet two of GENERAL HOSPITAL’s biggest stars! Tyler Christopher (Nikolas) and Sarah Brown(Claudia) will be appearing at the Brokerage Entertainment Club on Saturday, April 4, from 4 p.m. to 6 p.m. EST. Tickets are $90 plus tax. The club is located at 2797 Merrick Road in Bellmore, New York. For more information, call (516) 785-8655. If you can’t make it there, you can see them at Uncle Vinny’s/Ferrara’s Café on Sunday, April 5, from 10 a.m. to 12 p.m. EST. The club is located at 520 Arnold Avenue in Point Pleasant, NJ. For more information, call (732) 899-3900. Tickets are $100


Still can’t say enough about OLTL, and if you look at the banner I included it. (love that banner, don’t you?) I either have to watch real time or DVR it and WATCH ALL OF THE SHOW! Ray kissed Dorian! I love how they keep the romances going–even with the vets. (as if we have any vets left…)  Did anyone recognize who Shane was made-up like? Anyone as old as I am? LOL…David Bowie as Ziggy Stardust! Thank you to the readers for keeping me spoiler free, you are great for doing that! It’s been hard not to peek at sites. LOL.

See you tomorrow unless giant news breaks! Have a great Sunday, Wubbers!


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Hi all! Thanks for taking over Friday. I watched a bit of the show, was so bored and just plain sad over the state of GH! Tomorrow’s “Sunday Surgery” should be interesting. What WILL I BITCH about next?? LOL

BTW, if you see a comment “awaiting moderation” it means I have to read it first and approve it. This happens if you put a link in.  It’s to keep the spammers and porno weird-o’s off!

We had a nice party for my Gram…she fell asleep! hee hee. Mom and I said when you’re 101, you are allowed to sleep at your own bday party. 😉

My pal, Robin over at GHOFS has written out the whole week next week for spoilers. She took WAY more time than I did on  the WUBS NET with mine. So, take a gander! I’m still lazy and do it the old fashioned ‘sound bite’ way!

Hey, I hear that JaSam may heat up again–which is either good if you are a JaSam fan, or bad if you’re a Liason fan. I say either way, Guza’s yanked BOTH fan bases all over the place (not to mention the L&L2ers).

Anyhoo, I am sitting in the dark for Earth Hour..realizing I need to shut this thing off too if I am to be TRULY GREEN!

See ya tomorrow with some good stuff, I hope!

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If you look on the left hand side of the blog, you’ll see my twitter updates. This is good for you because, even if you don’t have twitter,  you can easily find links to great soap stuff all over the place. Just another service your Wubqueen Provides!!

Today is my Gram’s 101st birthday…it’s celebration time. Today I won’t  be blogging live so I’m asking some of the “regulars” (you know who you are) to put a recap or comments down below so people can come in and take a gander. I’ll be DVRing the show and will be on later this weekend.

Have a great one! And try not to fall asleep during GH! Thanks for being such great fans.

PS: Belle Kristin reminded me that Connie Towers is on COLD CASE this Sunday!! woot!

3:00–whoohoo!  OLTL was killer today! yee haw. Especially if you were spoiler free!! :twirling:

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Goodness. OLTL beat GH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 🙂

Soap Opera Ratings for March 16-20, 2009

Posted on 26 March 2009 by Bill Gorman www.tvbythenumbers.com

(Compared to Last Week/Compared to Last Year)

All Numbers Live+SD viewing.

Total Viewers
1. Y&R 5,116,000 (+23,000/-406,000)
2. B&B 3,299,000 (-231,000/-796,000)
3. DAYS 2,986,000 (+288,000/+36,000)
4. AMC 2,699,000 (+81,000/+184,000)
5. OLTL 2,664,000 (-20,000/+16,000)
6. GH 2,646,000 (-101,000/-342,000)
7. ATWT 2,532,000 (-148,000/-666,000)
8. GL 2,133,000 (-127,000/-534,000)

1. Y&R 3.6/12 (same/-.3)
2. B&B 2.4/8 (-.1/-.5) <——— ties low rating
3. DAYS 2.2/7 (+.2/same)
4. AMC 2.0/7 (+.1/same)
4. OLTL 2.0/7 (same/same)
4. GH 2.0/6 (-.1/-.3) <———- ties low rating
7. ATWT 1.8/6 (-.2/-.5)
8. GL 1.5/5 (-.2/-.4)

On Twitter, I asked fans who their all-time fave GH character was. Wow, lots o’ answers to get through. So far? Sonny is the clear winner with 10 votes. ONLY TWO for Luke! There’s an AJ, a Lucy, three Robert Scorpios…3 Brendas (? that suprised me!) an Emily, Lucy, Maxie, Holly and Noah Drake. I myself say Hells Cassadine! I’ll report later all the results.


Tony Geary.net is having a contest! Get in there, last weekend!

NEW CONTEST FOR MARCH! We are salutingBroadway Cares & dedicating our contest this month to the Broadway Cares show on March 9, 2009 in New York City!Guess what song Tony sang at the 2007 Broadway Cares Event!

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