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This is the Fun Facts List on The Wubs Net (I was bored, the scoops were just stupid, so I did this!) I KNEW people would think of more!

FUN FACTS since we hit 2009: Luke has drank 33 bottles of scotch and other assorted liquor, Ethan has tried to steal 5 wallets, Two things have fallen down the GH stairs, Carly has had 33 fainting spells, The words “Post Partum Depression” have been said a total of 445 times, “Rochester” has been mentioned 222 times, Two PG sticks have been pee’d on, One baby was in a tree, one explosion, seventeen bullets and 22 bubble lamp sightings.

I did forget one non-burning plant on the nurses’ station, “you look like Emily” was said 44 times, spheres/speres were seen and referred to about two dozen times, one bomb was strapped to a person….more?

OLTL: Love Destiny. Stupid kids at school. I hope Marcie smacks the hell out of them.  Powell Lord.  THE FIRST/REAL one. Anyone see the rape scene in real time? I did. It was creepy as hell. eeee! John/Marty are IN ROCHESTER !! It’s the HUB of the soap world, people! heehee. NORA and Bo eating hotdogs!! Why do I like them talking about Matthew and am sick of Carly/Sonny talking about Michael? LOL.

SOD‘s interview with Emma Samms is saying that she’s on for 2 weeks (for about an hour total, I bet) and not to ‘assume she’s Ethan’s mother”. Whatever. NO mention of Helena. This is going to GO ON FOREVER. You wait. It was probably all block taped, will be inserted and all isolated. Just sayin’.

I am having such a time with GH lately. When I think about the dragging on Ethan and Rebecily I could scream. Then, I think it’s better because they use the hospital…then I think about all the loose ends. Then I scream again.


GENERAL HOSPITAL:   OMG, they need to have Ethan DROP that accent. This is just done so poorly. NIK and Liz, cracking me up. I told you they are 19! Why would Rebecily look at Nik like that? What does she care if they kiss? she’s all over Lucky! Uh…they’d have FREEKIN’ jackets on if they were boating. Dang it…please get a CONSULTANT!

NIK/LIZ getting “drunk” at Jake’s. Pool  Table’s coming. Heh. EWWWW…it’s getting GROSS with Liz telling Nik how Emily thought he was “hot” and such. eek. eww.

Maxie’s whining face is driving me nuts at the moment. Aw, Spin has a Maxie screen saver! Hell, they have a real office! Is the bubble lamp there? “Sam Has a Cold”…uh, yeah..cause she’s half-neekid in Vegas! (looking good, btw)

Do they really think that it’s exciting for us to watch Rebecily on the PHONE all the time!!?

Ethan is crying…aw. Just pull his hair out. get ON WITH IT!

Jax going to Jason. Blink, blink.

WINNIE alert!

YEAH to NH for passing same-sex marriage! Can NY be far behind? We are getting there!! :twirling:

Anyone ever try those Acai berries? Bajebus they are all over the place! LOL…

TONIGHT: on  Nightline, “Recession and the Soaps” Susan Lucci and Cam Matheson are on.  Read: Tears in Soap City


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Here’s the best in Daytime  TV from around the net:

Former Guiding Light star John Driscoll is joining the cast of The Young and the Restless as Phillip Chancellor IV. (Daytime Confidential)

Michael Fairman’s exclusive interview with the creators of the online parody sensation, Pratt Falls, Ellen and Portia. Plenty of laughs, just in time for Bianca and Reese’s exit from Pine Valley! (Michael Fairman Soaps)

This week the Pine Valley Bulletin asks “who do you think really tried to kill Babe but got Dixie instead”? Take the latest poll and tell us who you think was the real deliverer of the dastardly dish!? (Pine Valley Bulletin)

In their latest Soap Opera Digest column, the Serial Drama girls take some new-to-them soaps for a spin for a week. Check out their thoughts about As the World Turns, The Bold and the Beautiful, Guiding Light and One Life to Live. (Serial Drama)

Everyone has problems, but the average soap character doesn’t ever have to acknowledge or respond to the likes of a global health issue, a shrinking economy, elderly care issues, the Craig’s List Killer or swine flu. (Soap Opera Examiner)

In an exclusive interview, Evan Alex Cole talks with We Love Soaps about his role as Hunter on As The World Turns. (We Love Soaps)

Want to Twitter? Find out all about the Soap World and Twitter Nation! Fastest way to get scoops and star sightings. (Wubs.net)

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That was a good comment about my twitters vs. the blog vs. the site.

Never fear:

The Site (http://www.wubs.net) is still the place to get scoops and see photos

The blog (http://www.generalhosptialblog.com) is still the place I dish THE MOST! Scoops, gossip, links updates etc.

Twitter (http://www.twitter.com/wubsnet) is only for micro-blogging and getting quick messages out. You really can’t write much on there and I know not everyone likes it or would take the time to read it!

I can do twitter updates and live blog all at the same time, btw. I’m tricky like that! 🙂

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News: Steve Burton voices White Cloud Strife in the American Version of Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children . Wouldn’t Spinelli be proud!?

Review of KeMo’s Peepshow which includes a description of the “story” of the show–which, er…I didn’t realize there was one! LOL.

AMC:  Ok, that Babe’s Twin girl is already driving me insane. I’m going to say she’s the killer. (of Dixie)  Found out that Babe was with Krystal and tried to kill Babe and  off’d her instead. 😉 Why not? Binky and Tams got back together in record time. Geesh! Kendall is on my last nerve. Stewart’s hair looked hilarious! LOL.

Watch Amber Tamblyn tonight on The Unusuals!! 10pm! It is not only a great show, it has a GREAT soundtrack!

Spoilers on GH: I am holding out a bit. I’m going to wait before posting a bunch of stuff  ‘supposedly’ coming for June/Summer because I think it’s too soon. Ethan has been dragged out SO LONG that it’s obvious someone dropped the ball on that story. He’s stolen about 4 wallets, drank scotch with Eddie Q and “bartended” in an empty haunted star. Sorry, if it takes this long, we don’t care. Helena comes on, leaves.  When is she coming back? Middle of May? Too damn late. Move this crud along. Ditto on the  Rebecily stuff. SNORE! I also think they are letting Kate languish when she COULD be going out in a Beeatch style. At least Robin’s off getting treatment. Sorry, just cranky about my show.

IT’s not really Dingo Day but when I saw that Sonny said that about Jax yesterday, I had to mention it AS most of you know, I have Jax say: Dingah! all the time in the Wub Parodies!! At least he didn’t say: The Dingoo ate ‘chore baby.  Ala Elaine on Seinfeld!

GH STARTS: Matt/Pat–Two Men and a baby. Nice to see brothers together. Everyone was wondering where Lainey was in the Intervention yesterday. COME ON! They paid for Mac and Kelly to be there. Don’t push your luck! LOL Oh, Liz comes in to save the day!!

Nik+Liz+Rebecily+Lucky=  JUNIOR HIGH!  Good God!!!!!! You’d think they were all 19! LOL.

JAX HIT SONNY! lol!! Sonny hit Jax! Neither one hurt their pretty faces. thank goodness. Oh, and in the METRO COURT! ( who the hell would want to stay there!) See, we do have a Marty need. HOLY WOAH….MB looks TINY next to IR! LOL.

Kate Alert! Lulu’s hair looks good in a weird Lauren Conrad way. They are dressing up Lulu more, aren’t they?

The Zacca Kids: Sick of Johnny and Cardia. GET DECORATING CARDIA! I hope she has triplets! TRIPLETS I tell you! all girls…all crying baby girls. 🙂 with dimples!! Screaming, whiny…heh.

You’d think Cardia would shut up when her hubby’s guards are all over the house. Oh, Sonny did get a boo-boo.


A few new spoilers are up..please go and show some Wub to the ads on there. I gotta make some kind of a living!

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For those of you on Twitter, you know what fun it is. There are celebs on there, soap sites, mags and even the emmys! If you are looking for legit soap stars here are some:

sarahjoybrown (Claudia, GH), tristanrogers (Robert GH), cliftonsnotes (exDillon GH, Schyler OLTL), realandrews (Taggert  GH),  brandonbarash (Johnny GH), teenystweeting (KirstinStorms), These are confirmed people, there are probably more but I can’t confirm them.

Soap sites include: (I’m sure there are more, feel free to add!)
ghofs (general hospital online fan site), thescrubshub, sos (soapoperasource), daytimeconfidential, We LoveSoaps, SoapOperaNetwork, BAFB (bradford anderson fan blog), and many more. If I forgot your site, let me know!

Frank gave us some things we learned from Sarah Brown on Twitter:

Her mom is going for her master’s degree, Her mom is dyslexic (as is Sarah).

Sarah Tweeted to me that yes, “Claudia” was going to redecorate the “Mob Pit” house. She also calls she and “Johnny” “Ziblings”! too cute.
Real Andrews has tweeted he’s auditioned for OLTL and usually updates his travel plans.

Found a soap mag: Soap Opera Digest: SoapDigest

Thx for these also: (soaps on twitter)If you haven’t Tweeted yet, give it a go. Just sign up and start reading. If you do, search an area of interest or follow someone you already know (that would be ME!) and you can get all sorts of things in real time. It’s also a great micro-blog where people IM/chat during the shows!  Many people read my tweets at work (heh). You don’t have to tweet or update yourself if you don’t want to. You can also message people and only they will see it.

If you want to follow the WubsNet just put that into the search engine or hit the button to the right. The Gedstern is also on there!

Now, next step! If you already Twitter, get TweetDeck! You can have columns of interest, see your replies at the same time you see Direct Messages and Friend posts. It’s awesome!

NYmag did a riot of a piece on Twitter/Matrix and Celebs. Quite a fun read.

I am really stunned that the ABC shows themselves haven’t started to twitter… It’s a HUGE way to get news out to the fans. I think the first people to know about Martha coming to GH were those of us sitting there when it was tweeted out! Then again, the “corporate world” is always behind. They need to catch us before we fly away!! 🙂

One last thing: Rick Springfield joins  CALIFORNICATION! EW reports he will be on for four eppies. EW even says he may get Naked! LOL (yes, I got that on Twitter from crackmyribsopen!)



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Yep, here she is!

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HEY! Justus Ward (Joseph C. Phillips) plays the mayor on “Castle”! (Monday 10pm ABC). Why the hell they killed off Justus is another mystery!

There are some new spoilers up. One is that Johnny sleeps with Olivia. It’s all over the net, but remember we heard it was with Ric’s chickie? Now, it’s Olivia? How does THAT happen!??  Also, rumors/spoilers coming out about Michael –which could be right, could be wrong. I do know on May 7th, Epiphany gives Luke/Ethan the DNA results. Do we care what they say? NO, why? DNA tests at GH are NEVER right!!!!!

OLTL: Soft porn all ovah! LOL…At least it wasn’t Tea/Todd  all over the court room again! (only in the hotel!)   Langston and  Marco were quite hot and heavy–for teenieboppers. Not that teenieboppers aren’t all hot and heavy IRL, but you usually don’t see it quite that..er…MUCH.  🙂 RJ out with Tea. Poor little SHANE…sniff. He looked very pathetic in that scene.


amy hill in all american girl!

GENERAL HOSPITAL! I really want the A&E intervention guy on this. “Go to treatment today”… They are running it just like that show. Her going off on Maxie. LOL. Outing her on the baby and sleeping with Lucky! 🙂 heh

lol. I LOVE TWITTER! Bradford Andersons Fan Blog wrote: @WubsNet I think we all should answer. Robin’s PPD has effected my life because I have never seen a baby in a tree.

I wrote: Robin’s PPD has effected my life because I never knew Liz could decorate a house so fast. A bunch of people wrote–go check them out. LOL.

YOU?! how did ROBIN’S PPD effect your life in the following ways?!  and I know it’s a REAL thing. I’m not making fun of it. Just p’od at the writers.

Jax/Sonny: Sick of YOU two! THANK YOU Carly, tell Sonny to STFU. Then Sonny walks in and orders Cardia UPSTAIRS and Tells Jason to Tell Carly to have an abortion. Well, not in so many words, but same difference. THROW that barware!!

Ethan/Luke: DITTO! Going on too long and TOO BORING! THIS STORY should have been 100% faster than it has been. If I see the HAUNTED STAR empty one more time..I shall, Buy a BUBBLE LAMP!

Yeah Milo/Max..at least they are fun.

I LOVE MAC DADDY! Why the hell can’t Alexis and he go out? Why is he shoved to the background? Hell, Put he and Dr. kelly together! I don’t care! He and Monica! He can be our “BO” of PCPD!

DIGITAL TV broadcasting is going to SUCK and totally shut off my “B&W” TV watching! What’s so wrong with getting local channels out of the air? What?! What!? I could watch it camping, in the dorm, in the middle of no where! Now…grrr. My tiny kitchen TV is going to have to go!

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