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Yep, here she is!


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HEY! Justus Ward (Joseph C. Phillips) plays the mayor on “Castle”! (Monday 10pm ABC). Why the hell they killed off Justus is another mystery!

There are some new spoilers up. One is that Johnny sleeps with Olivia. It’s all over the net, but remember we heard it was with Ric’s chickie? Now, it’s Olivia? How does THAT happen!??  Also, rumors/spoilers coming out about Michael –which could be right, could be wrong. I do know on May 7th, Epiphany gives Luke/Ethan the DNA results. Do we care what they say? NO, why? DNA tests at GH are NEVER right!!!!!

OLTL: Soft porn all ovah! LOL…At least it wasn’t Tea/Todd  all over the court room again! (only in the hotel!)   Langston and  Marco were quite hot and heavy–for teenieboppers. Not that teenieboppers aren’t all hot and heavy IRL, but you usually don’t see it quite that..er…MUCH.  🙂 RJ out with Tea. Poor little SHANE…sniff. He looked very pathetic in that scene.


amy hill in all american girl!

GENERAL HOSPITAL! I really want the A&E intervention guy on this. “Go to treatment today”… They are running it just like that show. Her going off on Maxie. LOL. Outing her on the baby and sleeping with Lucky! 🙂 heh

lol. I LOVE TWITTER! Bradford Andersons Fan Blog wrote: @WubsNet I think we all should answer. Robin’s PPD has effected my life because I have never seen a baby in a tree.

I wrote: Robin’s PPD has effected my life because I never knew Liz could decorate a house so fast. A bunch of people wrote–go check them out. LOL.

YOU?! how did ROBIN’S PPD effect your life in the following ways?!  and I know it’s a REAL thing. I’m not making fun of it. Just p’od at the writers.

Jax/Sonny: Sick of YOU two! THANK YOU Carly, tell Sonny to STFU. Then Sonny walks in and orders Cardia UPSTAIRS and Tells Jason to Tell Carly to have an abortion. Well, not in so many words, but same difference. THROW that barware!!

Ethan/Luke: DITTO! Going on too long and TOO BORING! THIS STORY should have been 100% faster than it has been. If I see the HAUNTED STAR empty one more time..I shall, Buy a BUBBLE LAMP!

Yeah Milo/Max..at least they are fun.

I LOVE MAC DADDY! Why the hell can’t Alexis and he go out? Why is he shoved to the background? Hell, Put he and Dr. kelly together! I don’t care! He and Monica! He can be our “BO” of PCPD!

DIGITAL TV broadcasting is going to SUCK and totally shut off my “B&W” TV watching! What’s so wrong with getting local channels out of the air? What?! What!? I could watch it camping, in the dorm, in the middle of no where! Now…grrr. My tiny kitchen TV is going to have to go!

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Well, not a whole lot to report. One thing that’s interesting is Kelly Monaco’s Peep Show. It’s getting a lot of mainstream press (ie: Brody Jenner showed up…other ‘hot’ 20something stars etc) but it’s a love-hate with TPTB! On the one hand, it’s good press for KeMo ..kinda. Double edged sword for the show. Plus, she’s gone a lot.

I hear that Liz/Jason do start seeing each other more after Michael’s surgery–in a “concerned about his health” sort of way. Where does it lead? Who knows. Luke goes off to find Robert Scorpio –probably in time for TG’s vaykay. He and Emma  Samms are block taping now. RUMORS have she and Helena back this summer.

The story arc for baby Janie CarJax looks GOOD! Michael will be off bonding with the Q’s though and this will give Carly great angst. OH, and watch for mucho scenes between Olivia and Sonny starting up. Because you know, the GREAT DANTE should debut for summer!

As I said before, we still have a murder mystery a comin’. Where’s Kate been? Will she be the one in the midst of all this? What about Jerry Jacks? Where’s Anthony Z been hiding??!

I hear they cast Molly–and are doing Morgan/Kristina as we speak. There will be much more “kid” stuff on this summer too.

I’ll have more later when I blog live and there will be some on the site after 1:00 today.

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