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OLTL: LOL…Renee is in the bed that is supposed to be Rex’s Daddy’s. HAHHAHa…in for “plastic surgery”. It’s too fun. I am spoiler free so it was a total shock. She’s protecting someone..but who?!! Love that Rex knows it now and is in on it with Gigi.

OLTL Had more people together again today than GH has all year. Much movement today. 

GENERAL HOSPITAL: There are a TON of Rumors FLYIN’ ALL OVER about people dying. Jax…Olivia…Claudia— Lucky I’m telling you don’t believe ANYTHING right now. Just sit tight. There  is a new writer, the ratings are in the basement–I already told you editing was all over the place. You notice where that big Crimson reveal went. If I get anything good (even rumor wise) I’ll let you know. The only rumor with legs is that Luke wakes up in Helena’s “Lair” and there’s a woman in there with him. Maybe Hell’s daughter, maybe not. This too could all go away. One thing is true: things are in turmoil right now behind the scenes.

There’s still the Claudia gets hit by a car thing–that’s the “tragic accident” being mentioned in the mags…who hits her? Kristina? Michael? Does she keep the baby? I’m thinking the only way Sonny would forgive her IF she lost the baby is if HE hit her with the car, and felt guilty. I have no idea. (and a big part of me so doesn’t care!!) Another rumor says the teens hit Kate (her grand ‘exit’) or Keifer (Kristina’s friend)..this is what makes the kids go runnin’.

GH today: AGAIN with the where should Michael live?? I’m sure it’s only been 2 days on GH but it’s a lifetime to me. UGH! So boring!!!!! Instead of sitting around, go visit BOBBIE! Mike! Hell, go visit the TEEN CENTER! Anywhere!

Ok, so Olivia and Jax talk about where Michael is going to live. Carly/Sonny argue about it. zzzz. Poor Gram Bobbie. 😦 No one talks about her!!

Rebecily and Ethan talk in the Cassadine..er…patio? Those candles are still lit? WTH? Ugh. Ethan has a pout face on.

Oh, those keeping count: Jason black Tshirt day #345,999.


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Rick Hearst did it. Megan Ward did it…and it didn’t matter. NuKristina had one within a nanoweek of joining GH. Know what it is? A CONTRACT!

**BREAKING NEWS SID just reported on 7/1/09 that YES, Lisa LoCicero SIGNED a contract today! I guess they read my blog and just did it. LOL.***

Usually when players are dropped to “Recurring” it’s a sign of bad times to come. “We’ll call you when we need you”…or if they are down to “Day Player” we know something might be up. BUT, what happens when a popular character who’s part has expanded over time doesn’t have a contract? Hmmmmmmmm. Boggles the mind. I’m talking about Lisa LoCicero…


She came on as Kate’s cousin, threatening to tell “Connie’s” secret to Port Charles. She’d drink a beer (out of the bottle!) at Jake’s. We kinda knew it was coming; she actually had a son by Sonny. (because you know, even in HS Sonny’s ‘boyz’ were on the prowl). Since then, Kate’s evaported (notice the dropped Crimson storyline)– and Olivia’s moved on to have a hot steamy romance with Johnny. In any other actresses’ hands, this could have been a campy disaster. In LL’s,  it’s magic.

So, it’s a puzzle. Why do some vets get knocked down to recurring, others “hold out” for a better contract, some sign and get ditched anyway? I do know that on recurring you don’t get the same benefits as a contract player. Guess it’s a good way to save money. All I can say is that GH has lost a good actors. Don’t make another mistake.  JoLivia  and Spixie is about all there is left to surprise me on this show. Now the spoilers say Olivia and Sonny are going to heat up. GOD FORBID any woman escapes those clutches!!

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Remember too to write your FAVE actor/actress a nice handwritten note to the Studio!

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Along with “Daytime Gives Back“, these three will be going to Kenya for a Feed the Children Documentary. The big twist will be that Susan Lucci will be going as Erica Kane! Guess they’ll use footage for the show.

OLTL: BAG O’ BLOOD makes it’s appearance again! LOL.

Roxy: “I’m a Pacifier”….when she said she couldn’t kill anyone. So supposedly the donor died? hmmmmmmm. . AND KYLE forgets the NAME? LOL. Rex HAS to be playing Stacey Pee Pee.

GH: OMG, Sonny gives Michael a car FOR waking UP! LOL.

Jason and the Q’s.  Nice…too bad AJ’s gone. So many WASTED YEARS there. JASON shakes Eddie’s hand! eesh.

“Spinelli, are you having performance anxiety”??? hee hee.

Lulu’s shirt? OUCH. Uh, the 70’s are calling, give them their shirt back…

I AM ALREADY so over Michael’s tantrums.

Like the Robin/Kristina scenes today. Using some history there

wow, the DAYTIME CONFIDENTIAL story ie: OLTL is listed on Perez Hilton. That’s HUGE! ABOUT time some of the websites got some respect! Congrats!! Even if Perez pisses u off, he still gets a bazillion hits a day!!

New spoilers are up on the Site…enjoy. Looks like Karaoke night is coming to Jake’s Bar. Which, should be fun. A “poor man’s” nurses ball but I’ll take it.

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caroltaWe had a great dish yesterday on the OLTL casting shocker and MORE! Give a listen to DAYTIME CONFIDENTIAL!

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Love this pic of the YOUNG Steve Burton! In honor of his Bday, please tell us the FIRST TIME you remember him on GH. My first memory of him is when he, Jagger and Karen were on that island together. I had stopped watching GH for a bit (college and such) before that, so I don’t remember when he first came on.

Here’s a YOU TUBE to enjoy!


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Seems Kelly Monaco’s boyfriend spilled on his Facebook page that she, he, Susan Lucci and Tony Geary will be off to a charitable location together. . This announcement will be made Monday . I still say Tony G needs to get to Dancing with the Stars!!

New spoilers will be up this mornin’…go take a gander and hit an ad for your Wub Luv…thank you so much, you guys keep the site running!! BTW, Nikolas and Rebeicly will be watching HORROR movies at Wyndemere–I think so she can scream and he can cuddle her?? LOL..Just keep Alfred away. He looks a bit scary, imo. (not that they use him at all..too bad he and Alice can’t have a steamy affair!! or be cons trying to get the Q/Cassadine money–hey THAT would have been a better connection. Rebecily could have been his granddaughter!)
Dominic Zamprogna (Dominic/Dante) describes his character as a “likeable mobster”…*sigh*. Just shoot me now! LOL. I hear he’s for Lulu–but now that Julie Marie Berman is off shooting a film and pilots, who knows. She canceled her GH Fanclub weekend shingdig, btw.  BECKY HERBST has also canceled according to her website.

RUMOR has it AZ is only back for a day…when Cardia goes to visit him in prison. Can’t confirm this though.

PODCASTING today with Daytime Confidential crew! CAN’T WAIT…hope I can get a word in edgewise. LOL.

Yesterday I was off on a Taste of Rochester–my city is SO COOL. I love it. I wasn’t on the computer ONCE !!

HEY! WUBSNET hit 4,000 followers  on Twitter  sometime yesterday! THX!! I think I’m even beating the soap mags! woot!

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AMC today: Suspend belief and focus on the brilliance of RPG and MK’s humor. Did you hear Tad say “Mom? Kate”?? when he first came in the door? I kinda like his wacky-ness.

WE got a ton of weather interruptions today. BIG BOOM T-STORMS which is kinda sad because there are a ton of grad parties tonight.

OH! good news for a change! Kirsten Alderson (Starr, OLTL) tweeted yesterday that she GRADUATED HS! Isn’t that great? Today she is painting her bathroom pink. LOL. I”m lovin’ twitter.

Speaking of OLTL…does John looked like he lost a lot of weight?

“WE made Love Skylar…” I mean, OMG– Stacey Pee Pee is so revolting. I have to give giant applause to the gal that plays her.
TODD/BLAIR: I feel like I’m watching “Fiddler on the Roof”….”My PERMISSION? MY BLESSING? The PAPAAAA! The Papaaaaaa”!!! Tradition! Tradition!

LOVE Sean and Tea’s talk! OMG! She played the TAPE for everyone! Go Tea!!

Gigi looks fabu today…LOVE Farah’s HAIR! Here it comes: the REVEAL!! REX’S FACE: DOH!!!!!!! heehee. You weenie. You shouldn’t have DONE IT WITH THE PEEPEE! Cliff hanger friday or what? Roxy with the blood, someone grabbing her–Kyle ready to spill…eeee! Rex/Gigi!

We were dishing on who could be Rex’s dad on Twitter. (I am spoiler free, thank you) and LOOK AT THIS..IT’S THE BEST EVER (I don’t think it’s true but it’s the best I’ve heard!!)

@WubsNet I heard it might be that Roxy was previously a man (his father) and that the woman who in a coma (forget her name) is Rex’s mother.

GENERAL HOSPITAL: Oh, nice Lulu is introducing Ethan to the clan. Cam the cutie is on!


HOW LONG CAN WE SIT here and WAIT to find out where Michael is going to live? Good Lord, rent the weenie a room  at KELLY’S! gesssh. OH! Lucky’s old BOX CAR!!?? Liz can paint him a bed. ugh

Oh, I might like the Cardia/Kristina bonding moment. Cardia will see herself in Kristina.

Cardia’s bedroom is really fugly.

 OMG, Carly goes to the Q’s…LOL. They are going to FAINT. EDWARD is going to fall over! LOL. WHERE IS AJ?????? He needs to pop out and go BOO! TOLD YA!

YOU HAVE to check this website out. It is the MOST HYSTERICAL thing I’ve ever read. My hubby read parts to me in his British accent until we were both crying/laughing.  FINDING MY GODDESS. I really think I need to produce a reality show with this guy as the star. LOL

So, here’s a funny. Well, kinda…darling DAVID put our doggie’s invisible fence collar on my car the other night. (he took it off to walk the dog) I drove off in the morning in a hurry, never saw it  on the hood and we can’t find it anywhere. I MEAN ANYWHERE–we called Invisible Fencing and a new one is $320!!!!!!! WTF? The system cost us $800. Ergoooooooooooo, you think they would tell you that a NEW COLLAR might cost you a TON O’ MONEY and you know, buy an extra one now for $40 or something. IDIOTS. I am NOT HAPPY! I’m going to go look and see if anyone is smart enough to bootleg the things. Heck, even if you sold them for $100! LOL

It’s FRIDAY PEEPS! I’m  going to do a Podcast for the first time in a LONG time Sunday with Daytime  Confidential !! Can’t wait. You know we’ll be bitching about the soaps as much as possible. LOL


******* I think Tony Geary and Susan Lucci are going to be in PEEPSHOW….just sayin, you may have heard it here first!!!!!!!! LOL ok that’s a stretch.  OR they are going to do a number from it on the Daytime Emmy Show! Ok, well, there’s supposedly an annoucement coming on Monday about KeMo, TG and SL in conjunction with the Daytime Emmy Program. MAYBE it’s Tony going on DANCING WITH THE STARS! Interesting.

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