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Friday on the Soap Dial…

Today’s OLTL is called “Wedding Bo Blues”..I totally love the names of these shows! Very clever. Dorian drawing on Vicky’s face. (I bet she wishes it was Frons!) SHE was in rare form today. Heh..VooDoo. all slobbering drunk. I wish Addie was on more.  She ordered gorgeous men to do massages!

Lindsay being the “sage guru” to Bo while she’s in jail! LOL. Speaking of Jail, who saw the get-up Kendyl (AMC) went to the pokey in? Good Lord, find some jeans in that closet!!

Lindsay gets her hair colored in there, huh? Looking good.  How cute is Destiny? Tea looked smashing as well. Good new bit o’ trivia: Tea’s fave flower is a snap dragon. I’m putting that in the Bobbie Spencer’s fave candy is red licorice. Let me see if you can guess another one…What did Lucy Coe hang over Felicia’s writing desk to help her with the book on Lila?


GENERAL Hospital: Love the blank brick wall behind Jerry. SPARE NO EXPENSE there! LOL I would have loved it if they would have had him walking down an LA street using a handcam or something.

LULU and DOMte in Jakes…let the Chem  Test begin.  Who are they DonLu? LuTe? LuDa?

Are there enough COPS on today!? Loved the Opie one. He looked about 12.

Carly and Olivia…two friends. AND Diane and Alexis –both pairs on the same day? Carly said she’s married Sonny 4x. Heh. Liked it when Jax figured it out and then Carly did too…nice.

Krissy says she’s going to an abortion? Ooooookay. Is that the way to get out of a ticket? Hmmmm. Hey, it worked. You can tell he’s not been on “Speeders”.  Poor Kristina, never been on Daddy’s jet!

HAHAHAHHA…DOMte says to Lulu: Do you think his accent is real?? (about Ethan) you know they read the Wub Tub.  I still have people saying they knew him in HS/College and say he certainly doesn’t have that thick of an accent! WHO liked Lucky/Ethan teaming up?? Lucky just slugged a guy? Geesh, isn’t he a cop? WTH? They pounded on them.

UH OH…Claudia’s screwy plans..she just realized Michael didn’t run her off the road. Now she’s after Alexis. Oh man…Claudia, you mess up all the time. She’s the New Old Carly!

SONNY TO OLIVIA: “I basically really care about you, our timing sucks, but I can’t let you go”… (UH, Let her go?? Uh..okayyyyyy) Today’s show was MAJOR chopped up editing wise again. Just sayin’

Remember when you visit the WUBSNET, please visit the sponsors, just click on an ad–20% of  July/August ad revenue is going to Linda Blair’s  World Heart Foundation  (stray rescue in LA) charity in honor of Ric Springfield’s 60th bday!!

FUN FACT: Kirsten Storms (Maxie @teenystweeting) tweeted that she wants another kitten! She is also following Spinelli (@BFordAnderson). Maybe we’ll get them to slip up and put in spoilers while they tweet! BA is in New England, btw and can’t golf because it’s raining.

WUBSNET is about 40 followers away from 5,000 on Twitter!!!!!! WUBS rules the TWEETS! LOL


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Soap Opera Network has complete listing for July 20th

GH bumped back up to 2.0– which tells Guza we love car crashes? I’m hoping it’s the Spixie romance.

Ratings for the week July 20-24, 2009

(Compared to Last Week/Compared to Last Year)

Total Viewers
1. Y&R 4,936,000 (+333,000/-135,000)
2. B&B 3,262,000 (+192,000/-340,000)
3. GH 2,706,000 (+304,000/-128,000)
4. DAYS 2,599,000 (+14,000/+78,000)
5. OLTL 2,560,000 (+113,000/-199,000)
6. AMC 2,483,000 (+88,000/-184,000)
7. ATWT 2,377,000 (+168,000/-335,000)
8. GL 2,079,000 (+121,000/-266,000)

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Thursday GH Uninterrupted…

Blogging LIVE GH today…and not talking about AMC or OLTL!

Loved the Spinelli/Jason thing–and Maxie in the PCPD. Mac’s tie. LOL.

LOBSTER SIGN?! Who knows that THE WUBQUEEN watches? Thank you Props department! I think that’s the bar we’ve seen whenever people are “on the run”— They broke into the restaurant and then just hung out there for awhile. Uh…ok.

Alexis and Carly were great too. Love they hate each other and their kids are together  being all  bro/sis like! heh. At least it gets them in each other’s orbits, right?

Now, why would Edward and Rebecca be in the same holding cell? What if they have to pee? Loved Eddie calling Wyndemere a “gothic rockpile”. Alice! Tracy! The Q porch! wow…and John Ingle looks so darn cute. 🙂

CARJAX’S HOUSE? Totally Kate’s house!!!!!!!!!!!! Wow, they didn’t even try to hide it. LOL.

I LOVE DIANE!! Gorgeous today.

FUN show today for the most part.

owens 011

I went to Terrell Owens press conference in Perinton today, it was all about his cereal   “T. O’s”–he gave a shout out to twitter and told people to follow him. Very fun and crowded!

Hey! Justus Ward  (Joseph C. Phillips) news:

Rehearsals begin next week for the faith-based musical ‘Church’ in Southern California. ‘Church’ is a musical comedy-drama based on typical Sunday services at the fictional “Glorious New Life Greater Faith Tabernacle Church of The Living God In Christ Up on the Hill.”

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That time again..here’s the best from the web:

Passions villain Phillip Jeanmarie talks Workshop The Series, gay firsts and James Reilly with Daytime Confidential’s Jamey Giddens. (Daytime Confidential)

Poor Annie…she’s been accused, threatened, framed. And Kendall, she’s so mixed up at this point she thinks she really did kill Stuart. Revisit a the PVB “Who killed Stuart” poll and tell us who you think it is, if you even care anymore! (Pine Valley Bulletin)

Save the Date – October 15th at 6pm! This year the annual ‘Love Out Loud’ POZ charity event for AIDS Walk LA will be held at Hollywood’s current “it” spot h.wood. Check out who’s already on the list and stay tuned for more announcements. (Scrubs Hub)

The Serial Drama girls have come to realize that Bob Guza and Charles Pratt are trying their hardest to write the most depressing shows on television. (Serial Drama)

It’s Soap Opera 101, every soaps chick certainly needs a supply of DNA Collection kits, a pregnancy pillow and of course a fake preggers false results testing kit, but they all need their cover girl bag of cosmetic tricks. (Soap Opera Examiner)

ATI president of Worldwide Media and Entertainment Jim Romanovich spoke with We Love Soaps about this year’s Daytime Emmy telecast airing on August 30 on The CW. (We Love Soaps)

The Wubqueen dusts off her Wub-Writing and delivers her parody: Part One of the Karaoke WUB..catch the “guest star” at the end. (Wubs)

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The Groomer part is that my doggie is being shampoo’d and stuff in the driveway! I have a great “Groomer on the Go” that comes to the house!

Yes, there is a big rumor that AMC may be moving to the West Coast. Hmmmmmmmm. Not sure if that bodes well for OLTL being the only one left on the East! Speaking of OLTL,  Scott Clifton (CliftonsNotes) tweeted that he was on location in NJ shooting some scenes. Love his character of Sky! Also, Nelson Branco has a fab interview with Kyle/Fish on their upcoming gay storyline.

I also got some more info on the Liz/Nik story–seems they get very close after Nik finds out Rebecily’s true intent (I guess Ethan spills). Will they actually DO IT? 70% says yes. Where does that leave Greg Vaughn? I thought for sure they were going to make L&L2 the “Stable couple”…”boring” but can be of good use on soaps. She’s a nurse, he’s a cop. We need a stable family. Just sayin’

fred2 Uncle Rudy?

Weird Rumor on Twitter that Rosco Borne is being tapped to play Claudia’s Uncle Rudy? I haven’t heard this at all..the only name I heard batted about was Frederico Castellucci,  (photo) who I totally think looks like Spinelli! I think RB is going to OLTL—? I’m all confused, but I wanted to put up Castellucci for you to see. I don’t think GH can pony up the bucks, but they’ve surprised me before. BTW, I also heard they may scrap the whole Uncle Rudy storyline! LOL..so there you go.

 INCOMING: SON  is reporting that AMC/OLTL will NOT be moving from NY to LA!

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Geesh, I feel sorry for Charlie on OLTL!! I ran home to watch it..I so wouldn’t have done that if it was GH on at 2:00!! How bad is that!? Gigi, Stacey and Rex–holy moley. Loved Gigi almost throwing up. She pulled a Theresa on RHONJ table throwing. OUTSIDE local shoot. Scott Clifton was on today too.

And YES–I love Stacey as a character. I used to not like the actress so much, but she makes me hate that girl even more so I love her too. Stacey is soooooo 1980’s beeatch. She’s crazy…she’s obsessive. Heh.

Do you see how wonderful it is when a show has HISTORY and characters around it can still use? Hell, on GH the core families are basically killed off or MIA. ON OLTL, Bo and Nora can be kissing in the woods and Clint/Vicky going over wedding stories from 1982 we (some of us) REMEMBER!! Just sayin. If you can, watch it on SoapNet tonight, I think it’s on at 9pm.

GENERAL Hospital: Sonny says he’s sorry to Michael…uh, ok. BUT HE’S not with Claudia.  Claudia wanting revenge against Michael is just stupid. Claudia COULD gain some points now by forgiving him and being NICE but no…make people hate her even more. Writers.grrrrrrrrrrrrr. This should NOT BE WRITTEN like this.  Claudia should NOT be doing this. And yes, I know better. Look at your ratings.

OMG. I’m SICK of this story already. You driving? HE driving? You got shot ’cause of me..!  Michael wants to confess to something he thinks he did.  Sonny’s like no, we’ll bury it.

I HATE HOW people treat Mac.

AJ MENTION! You go Edward!!!!!! And Sonny leaves without Krissy talking/seeing him.

Where are the other stories? Oh, what other stories? It’s so obvious they are backburning the Mistress Murder. Ethan/Rebecca/Nik…even Spixie–they just chop up the sequences into mincemeat!!

Creepy Banter between DOMte and Olivia  Falconeri. Eesh.  I thought she was going to bat her eyelashes at him!


Remember COOPER Barrett? (Jason Gerhardt) He’s making a movie now called “Mafiosa“..and I am NOT making that up!

There’s a new WUB up. Did anyone read it? Like it?

Michael Fairman interviews Tristan Rogers…it’s always great to hear from Mr. Rogers and MF really does a nice job with his articles.

OMG, was that Slumdog music with the new ABC daytime promos? Oh, lordy. :eyeroll:

PS. New Rumor going around: Nik/Liz sex.  (mid-August) I have NO idea if this is true or not. I’m asking around.

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Hey, it’s hard to come up with titles. Heh.

OK, AMC today…eek. AnnaBanana freeking out Adam. Heh

OLTL…LOVED IT!!!!!! LOVED! I love the history, the lodge…the whole Asa/Madame Delphina thing. I mean, really isn’t it GREAT?!! And even in DRAMA it’s joyful in a way.

GH: same BEGINNING because no one knows how to do a power-point over there! I think MAC needs to thump Jason on the head. Just cause he can. Mac needs a break.

POOR Claud…:( I really like her…and she broke my heart today. And I know she’s a weenie for the whole Sonny “hit” but it’s the WRITER’S FAULT!!! Watching the monitor..eek. I thought of a great name for the baby if it was a girl: ZARA Corinthos..wouldn’t that have been inspired?

AND SONNY’s in the Chapel again. God must have a big old :eyeroll: ready for him. Lily’s going to be pretty busy.

Sam/Krissy..cute and I like it that KeMo has something to do besides wear boobalage clothes and moon over Jason.  Lexi did a great job today being a stinky teen brat!

Jason: GET MICHAEL some OUT PATIENT THERAPY….and SOME DRIVING LESSONS. Thank You. Oh, and buy yourself an Ed Hardy T-shirt. OR Tommy Bahama. Anything. Why is JASON SO SURE Michael didn’t cause the accident? He’s psychic…??

THANK GOD for the actors on this show because it’s so dark…it’s so depressing. sigh.

Nancy Lee Grahn’s message: I just wanted to give everyone a head’s up that Michelle Stafford and I will be performing a duet together for ‘What  A Pair’ – a celebration of duets that supports Breast Cancer Research. The show is scheduled for September 26, 2009 and will take place at Santa Monica’s new Broad Stage.

Ooooooooo, read this on Daytime Confidential about Becky Herbst! What does that Canadian man know!?


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