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Can you visit WUB TUB and see what you think? I really need to go with a format that allows ads. I hate to do it, but with all the time I spend on here I kind of have to!
Let me know..try to comment. It works with most WPress ID’s and Google..also Blogger IDs.

I don’t want to do it if you all hate it!

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Kirsten  Storms twitpicked this After Emmy Party! Check out her Official Site: Glamour Girl.  BTW, her twitter name IS @teenystweeting –verified by her, Sarah Brown and WUBS!

There are some new spoilers up. Guza said in  SID that Scotty/Serena return is a “good idea” but sounds less than likely. DOMte may need a transplant but I think Olivia’s secret is safe for now. They’ll have that reveal during a sweeps time!!

Please also check out the AIDS WALK LA information and support Team Scrubs Wubs! Do you live near LA and want to join up? You can walk with the Scrubs Wubs –they’ll meet up with Team Scrubs and Kim McCoullough and Jason Thompson! I so wish I lived there, I’d go in a second. Please hit a sponsor to help raise money for these great teams!

AMC Today:Good Lord, was that a wedding dress Annie had on? EEK! Keep those sunglasses on, Adam! Other than that..zzzzzzz AMC Insider tweeted (@amcinsider) that Thorsten Kaye is OUT of AMC. Which, stands to reason since his wife is now working in NYC on OLTL. I hope they kill him off in a really gruesome way on AMC and then he goes back to OLTL!!

OLTL: Infamous scene that “Carlotta” quit over! The whole “Christian may be gay” stuff… It’s actually nice and light hearted. The first actress said “Carlotta” would never say that because she’s so Catholic. Whatever. See ya! They did a great scene with John shooting the police-guy and us thinking it was Cole! (well, those of us SPOILER free, that is). TEA in the courtroom=bull dog!

Loved the Starr/Sean thing, they were so cute. I don’t watch Rachael to like that Doctor schmoozie guy.  And–come on. Not another Starr kidnapping! LOL

GENERAL HOSPITAL:  This is on Daytime Confidential, read the whole article, its’ great.

The soap (GH) , which took home the Outstanding Writing award at the Daytime Emmys this past weekend, has lost a staggering 362,000 viewers year-to-date, much more than any other soap opera. GH is also down a critical three-tenths of a ratings point in households.

TODAY’S SHOW:  Poor Andrea. She’ll run out of the drug before she can get it into Edward! LMAO. Max and Diane are so fun, I so wish they’d show them more.  Derk  Cheetwood auditioned for LOST!Carolyn Hennesy is going to be on COUGAR TOWN! They’d better keep those two on the show!!

Fake Set for Scrubs on the drunk tank. Must have filmed that before the real thing. Loved them trying to dunk Patrick though.  MOLLY dunks: Patrick, DOMte,  Johnny–LOL. All wet tshirt men today! 🙂 oooo lah lah.

Claudia wore such dark black. She has to use Tide Total! Spinelli witht he balloon! LOL. Even Maurice had to smile at him!

How nice to have our cast outside, doing different things. I love it! MAC DADDY! Everyone is there! They popped to pay for everyone. Even EXTRAS who TALK!  Patrick in a Wet Tshirt! AnthonyZ talking about “Wack A Mole’!! LOL

YOU MUST watch GH today…if you missed it, catch it on Soap Net. Really fun. If they did more cast integration, we’d be all set.  KeMo did such a fun Valley Girl! JaSam was even entertaining and  they weren’t part of the fair yet.

Like the Cirillo brothers story!  The gypsy story is such a set up but you have to say it was fun. “Chief of Police”.  The gypsy would have been great if it had been Connie in a mylar mask.

Rebecily in her Donna Reed Dress. And isn’t the carny stick perfect for Ethan?!

WE HAVE to let GH know how much we LOVED the cast integration at this point!! OF course, it had to be semi-ruined with idiot GUN MEN at the end. Maybe Anthony Z is talking to Alkazar? What do you think?

CHRISSY FIT: (mercedes) twittered she’s going to be an Aunt soon  to  a baby boy! Congrats!

BRANDON BARASH ALERT: He’ ll be on THE MDA telethon 9/6 into 9/7. I don’t think he’s singing until around 1am.

GH is a rerun Monday….maybe we’ll SKYPE during GH on Tuesday??! Could be fun.

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Carnival’s A Comin’…



Carny kick off! Don’t Sam and Jason look really nice in matching black?? So festive!

Love Alex’s cuff bracelets. And…Michael has his license back! wow!!

LOL…Carly about drops her kid when she sees JaSam! Nice Carly/Jason blab fest. Carly’s just making no sense. It’s interesting to watch, just making no sense.

The whole clown thing could turn out funny…then again, it could turn out stupid.  I reserve my judgement for later.  Although Spin in front of Jason was pretty hilarious. Doing Hamlet. heh

Nikolas asking Rebecily to dye her hair back. LOL. Anyone see “The Devil’s Advocate”?? Hmmmm. He’s busted by Lizzy.

Observation: Women’s choices of handbags for the Carnival–er…a bit non-practical.  Robin’s wearing fabric from CarJax house.

Andrea doing a terrible job trying to drug Edward. Look at that smashing blonde he’s with!

Loved the Lulu talk with Carly and Olivia about DOMte. Tony Danza–I mean Chachi–I mean er..DOMinick is so fun. I really like him. Maybe it reminds me of my crushes in the ’80s! LOL. And Olivia doing the whole “Sonny dimples” to DOMte…and DOMte having no dimples! very cute!!

ANTHONY Z SIGHTING! 🙂 he HAS to marry HELENA. What a brilliant idea THAT is…come on GH writers, I know you read this blog (I am SO important after all) JUST DO IT! CT and BW together? GOLD.

Brandon Barash is going to be on the MDA telethon singing this weekend! I’ll let you know tomorrow when/where/what time, ok?!

Exciting thing happening with the Wubs Net! I’ll be partnering with The Scrubs Hub to form “Team Scrubs Wubs” for the 2009 AIDS WALK LA!  For more info, go to the front page of the Wubs Net  and take a gander. (some new scoops up too!). You can donate or click on ads to help with the cause! More info to come before the October 18th walk.

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Great stuff from around the Net! Lots of DAYTIME EMMY info!

Michael E Knight has announced that he is willing to move to AMC’s new production facility on the west coast. Meanwhile Charles Pratt has indicated that 22 year vet Walt Willey’s character, Jackson, has been “retired”. With that in mind fans are answering the question – Is it time Tad was “retired” as a character? Join the conversation. (AMC Superposter)

Daytime Confidential’s Jamey Giddens reports live from the 36th Annual Daytime Emmy Awards. Listen as he shares behind-the-scenes scoops, being on TV, red carpet tidbits and his experiences in the Emmy Award press room. (Daytime Confidential)

DAYS Lauren Koslow was Michael Fairman’s Fashion Correspondent on the Red Carpet of the Daytime Emmys. Find out who had Emmy Style and who didn’t, in her fashion review! (Michael Fairman Soaps)

This years Daytime Emmys were an all time ratings low. Is this the end of televising the Emmys? Check out this weeks commentary and then share your thoughts! (Pine Valley Bulletin)

Daytime Emmy’s fashion! We were in the front row for the red carpet show. Come check out our library of photos. (Scrubs Hub)

The 2009 Daytime Emmy Awards were…well, they were something else. The Serial Drama girls present their own awards to this year’s Emmy broadcast. (Serial Drama)

Is there such a thing as a ‘work ethic’ on the soaps? For a select few, there certainly is. Nurse Lillian Raines from Springfield comes to mind immediately and–as stupid as this sounds–if you watch General Hospital, Kate Howard is married, devoted and attached to her job like Velcro. (Soap Opera Examiner)

Did you see the dramatic Daytime Gives Back segment during the Emmys? With emotions running high, stars shared their experiences in Kenya. (Wubs)

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Oh Edward! Such foreshadowing. How about Monica’s “I’ve learned over the years that everytime Port Charles holds a big event it ends in disaster”… LOL

Now, this would be so good for Claudia right now, to forgive Christina..bond with her, redeem herself. I mean, if they don’t want her with Sonny, fine but don’t paint her into such a corner!! Jerry Jacks isn’t telling, neither will we!!

Rebecily’s outfit was so weird today. I called it a Vestialjumperstraightjacket. And SHE GETS A DRESS! Some one needs to count up all the dresses given to women since Guza’s been on duty. I’m saying Brenda got two (one from Jax, One from Sonny), Hannah got one (Sonny), Alexis (sonny), Chloe (Jax), Emily (Nikolas), Laura/Lasha (Stefan)…there has to be more.  Guza must have watched old eppies of Bonanza.

And…Sonny blames himself for Kristina’s actions and gives her $200 to go buy something to wear to the carnival. Hope it’s something smashing.  :eyeroll:

Guess we are on our way to the fair, wubbers!! Here’s hoping it’s good and doesn’t last like 3 weeks.

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Daytime Gives Back was showcased on the Daytime Emmys this year for it’s work with Feed the Children. Soaps stars in attendance were Susan Lucci, Kelly Monaco and Tony Geary.  Their inspiring documentary about the trip to Kenya was so moving, many audience members were in tears. TG couldn’t contain his emotions when talking about the children that touched his life. The documentary, “Kenya, How We See It” will be available to view in full  on Fox’s Reality Channel (TBA). Unfortunately, Soap Net passed on airing the entire special because they “don’t do documentaries”. I personally think that PERHAPS they could have made an exception in this case. It would have been a great thing to bring awareness and maybe much needed ratings to the station. Just sayin’

Clip of the emotional doc during the Emmys incase you missed it:


We also saw a food drive in NYC that had many daytime stars helping with the distribution and charity right here at home. Check out We Love Soaps  for details including some great video.

BTW, Twitter  played a big role in getting the word out about this drive. Daytime Emmys and producer Jim Romanovich kept fans updated with tweets, video streams and twitpics.

I’ll keep you posted on the date for the documentary airing! Next charity up: Kim McCoullough and Jason Thomson walk for AIDS LA…  (Oct 18th) you know I’ll be promoting the heck out of that soon!

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