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 Daytime Confiential is reporting that Josh Griffith is coming to join the writing team  at GH. Guza is still staying from what I’ve seen. This may explain the upheavel of scoops and editing lately? Not sure. I still say there may be changes at higher levels soon. BTW, Guza and Griffith worked together on the soap “Sunset Beach” many moons ago.

Hey! Want to win a cruise with Rick Springfield and guest Brandon Barash? Sure you do! Head on over to Sirius XM Radio and fill out an entry!

RUMOR: Dominic and Claudia start an affair…LOL, which is a great rumor if you think about it. If he is indeed Dante, which looks likely, that could be something to behold! Claudia and Olivia doin’ each other’s bros! LOL

Dante is involved with the Z family–but is he really an undercover fed? Hmnmmm.

That’s it for now! see you later!


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FUN stuff for once! Seems our little Kirsten Storms was out and about the other night at Lavo (Vegas, baby!) with “Entourage” star Kevin Connolly. Did anyone else know about this?


SUNDAY is Finola Hughes’ Killer Hair” is on Lifetime Movie  Network at 8pm/est


Spotted: Rena Sofer (Lois)  attended baby Stella’s 1st Birthday party–she’s starring in a Movie O’ the Week with Dean McDermott! Ok, that’s stretching the “GH News” a bit but I loved that photo!  🙂

NEW Spoilers are up! I was just there and it’s funny that there is a CBS soap ad up on the site! LOL. This Mayor story looks hurried and really, really lame, imo. I’m still hoping there will be something to knock my socks off…but who knows?

bloomOH! Get this: Amber Tamblyn is starring in a movie with Mr. Orlando Bloom! “Main Street” was shot in Durham, NC this spring.

Rumor: One ill woman +Cassadine Info=GH on Red Alert!



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Well, not a whole lot to report. One thing that’s interesting is Kelly Monaco’s Peep Show. It’s getting a lot of mainstream press (ie: Brody Jenner showed up…other ‘hot’ 20something stars etc) but it’s a love-hate with TPTB! On the one hand, it’s good press for KeMo ..kinda. Double edged sword for the show. Plus, she’s gone a lot.

I hear that Liz/Jason do start seeing each other more after Michael’s surgery–in a “concerned about his health” sort of way. Where does it lead? Who knows. Luke goes off to find Robert Scorpio –probably in time for TG’s vaykay. He and Emma  Samms are block taping now. RUMORS have she and Helena back this summer.

The story arc for baby Janie CarJax looks GOOD! Michael will be off bonding with the Q’s though and this will give Carly great angst. OH, and watch for mucho scenes between Olivia and Sonny starting up. Because you know, the GREAT DANTE should debut for summer!

As I said before, we still have a murder mystery a comin’. Where’s Kate been? Will she be the one in the midst of all this? What about Jerry Jacks? Where’s Anthony Z been hiding??!

I hear they cast Molly–and are doing Morgan/Kristina as we speak. There will be much more “kid” stuff on this summer too.

I’ll have more later when I blog live and there will be some on the site after 1:00 today.

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Soap Opera Source is saying on Twitter THAT NIK AND LIZ hook up at the end of APRIL! And I’m not kidding!!! What the hell? Hmmmmmmm. More on this later, I hope. This will be the post I use for Blogging LIVE today, so comment away and I’ll edit when the show is on. This just in: It was seen on the DD, which like the old Data Lounge, could mean anything…(like people over there are smoking something!)

NIK AND LIZ?? Maybe Hells gives them a LOOOOOOOOO…wait no, a WUUUUUUUUB potion!! LOL.


AMC–booooooring. Erica looked SO FABU though. Susan Lucci is just stunning without looking “pinched”, imo. Loved her sweater. So, is Adam getting Alz?


OLTL: continues to surprise the HELL OUT OF ME. And that’s saying a lot. I mean, come on, I’ve watched soaps for…er….a lot of years and it just keeps ramping it up! Even without Pee Pee and Gigi on, it’s a heck of a good time. Tea’s coat? WANT. Love her talking to Vicky. Even if all the chickies in Llandview talk to her in the kitchen it’s better than 90% of GH! LOOOOOVED Scott Clifton! Held his own and more against TStJohn. And the creepy frat man? Woooooooo!!! LOLA  is going to turn into a psycho, I bet ‘cha. I bet she killed her mother too! Is A Martinez leaving? I think someone said that. I so hope it’s not true. Maybe ol’ Lola will off him.

General Hospital: Oy. Must I? Oh, little Kirsten. ouch. Ok, no comment. PLUS the fact, why not show Matt and MAXIE AT THE “event”!!?? Too much WORK, writers?????????? I liked Matt today. Too bad the idiots didn’t show the Rupert event.

THE BERNIE SOLUTION! and Bernie doesn’t want trouble with the LAW????? :thud:

heh: Rebecily: “Guess I’m feeling Lucky”….(that’s what SHE said!)  I want Natalia Livingston’s hair! HA…loved Nikolas dig about no customers!! 🙂 reading my blog again?

WAIT….did Lulu totally change clothes/earrings????????

Claudia today: eeewww. Legs a kimbo…telling Johnny….lol Dear LORD–can you yell eny LOUDER ON THE DOCKS???? bajeebus!!

Not too bad of a day, I’m  giving them a B.


Who else loves the “Oh, Grow Up, Brandon”…Elephant commercial::!?

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GHH has gotten a new rumor out: Ethan is Bill Eckert’s Kid! How many of you remember ol’ Bill? Way back in the early 90’s Tony Geary wanted a change of pace and played Luke’s cousin, Bill Eckert. We got Jenny Eckart out of it too. After a bit, everyone decided it was a bad idea and Bill went bye-bye. Sly was in there too, a kid that hung around Lucky (they had a worm farm…yes, a worm farm!) Julia Barrett came along around then too, and of course, BRENDER followed! Is ETHAN SLY? Hmmm.

Here’s a YOU TUBE CLIP of Bill and Nancy:


Some spoiler updates on the WubsNet as well. I’ll be doing the whole Rumor Page update later today! Oh, SoapBabie told me she heard on a Chicago Radio station–MY RUMOR ‘FOOLS’ about Ali Lohan! brhahahaha! (of course, no mention of the wubs net..sigh)


REMINDER: THE UNUSUALS tonight with Amber Tamblyn ABC 10pm baby!

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From We Love Soaps . As has been said, General Hospital is going High Def this month. That’s why the set was closed for  week and people look like they have masks on (air brused make-up). That link also says that THERE WILL BE A NEW OPENING!! :thud: Wubber David had a suggestion for the new opening in which Steve Hardy is the one that says “General Hospital” and uses vintage clips to progress until now. Somehow I doubt that will happen. Heck, they should have had a contest for FANS to come up with some openings!

Tyler Christopher and Laura Wright had a fan event in NY this weekend. It’s all over the net that Laura spilled that Carly will indeed be PG. Will the baby survive? I can’t imagine them having her lose ANOTHER one, but you know Guza. He’s not a cheerful sort! At least it’s JAX;s and if I get what I want, it will be a girl names Janie-Jean! Tyler also spilled that the writers don’t know who Rebecca really is yet! Brahahahahahaha! So, let’s see, I know for a fact there is in-fighting on who Ethan is…now this. No wonder nothing ever makes sense or ties up in a nice bow. When I think of the time wasted on the Nadine “WMD” story, the Ric goes to the Vineyard tale and the fact that neither Trevor or poor Leyla got any kind of a send off it drives me insane! You’d think Lanie and Kelly could have had something for her.

By the way, if they show ONE MORE SCENE where the haunted star is desolate and Ethan is in there with a wallet, I shall scream!!!

OH! Someone commented that Robin’s therapy room was her hotel room in Rochester. Heh. As they said, at least Mr. Bubble lamp didn’t show up! And please, someone, ANYONE mention Anna. Say to her “Have you called your Mother about all this”??? Or…”er…how’s your MOM AND DAD”??

Having Matt get into the “Crimson” deal is a riot. Not because it makes any sense but because this poor guy has gone from possible drug smuggler, Patrick’s brother, brilliant surgeon to taking Maxie to a promotion. :eyeroll: Makes me giggle.


There are many MANY rumors rolling around. Ric is murdered, Ric takes off with Molly (so they don’t have to SORA her)…they are waiting for Tom Pelphrey to play Dante (I so need an editor!) . That’s him..up there. People that know his work, is he good? Don’t you think he and Ethan look alike a bit? Were they trying to hire someone that looked like this guy to get the ladie’s hearts a pounding? (or at least 14 year olds??!)

Hey, not for nothin’ but one of the mags reported that DAVID LAGO tested in THE FALL for Damien. :shining shoes: and we all know who had that info first!

Tristan Rogers was twittering last night that his property in Palm Springs was fine. I guess the fires were awfully close to there. Happy for him.

Who watched The Celebrity Apprentice? WTF happened to Donald’s BRAIN? Poor Chloe. Not my fave by any means, but come on. GOD! How sad…and if it wasn’t staged it was double nasty! Poor TBONES! Melissa was all ready to go. By rights, she should have stayed. They had Perez Hilton judge, then said, too bad. (why DID they pic a gay guy to watch instead of women!!??) No one seems to like Clint Black after working with him, do they? Joan was right. Mouthy but right. Glad to see she and Missy got a deal from ALL to do some videos on the net@!!!!

Well, see ya later! WubsNet  is up to 1152 followers on Twitter!  Got this info from Twit:  Daytime Emmy Awards  to Be Telecast August 30th on The CW at 8:00 p.m. (ET) from The Historic Orpheum Theatre in Los Angeles.  Which, we knew but now it’s “official”.

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I wrote all about Real Andrews’ audition for OLTL as soon as he tweeted it! Not only that, I also reported he auditioned for Army Wives! Pay attention people! LOL…yes, it’s true and it’s so fabulous. I did write the info in the blog, but twittered it right away.  So, if you want INSTANT updates, go to www.twitter.com and find wubsnet! you can get it all on your computer or phone.

BTW new rumors:Jason Cook may be  leaving… there’s major infighting over the direction of “Ethan”  (note to producers: Don’t hire a new guy and let him languish for over 7 airdates with NO screen time) and there will be another HUGE stunt for May sweeps. But, I think we knew that was a given, eh? Keep an eye on the Emma Samms news as well. Haven’t heard much moving forward in that area. The Kate Murder? That rumor seemed to have legs but again, she and Olivia are so in the background at the moment, no one knows for sure if she’ll get off’ed or just fade away into Magazine Land. Last but not least: DO not FORGET that Anthony is still out there. Just sayin’ . One more: Sam/Win/Spin/Jason get involved in a “caper” together. Sam gives Winnie some tips on trapping Spinelli and…a MAKEOVER!

Is Steve Burton leaving? That’s another giant rumor rollin’ around. I say NO, but we’ll have to wait and see.  If he does leave, I bet it’s a “sabbatical” LOL.

ricCause Ric needed some Hospital Time

Some scoops (new ones on WUBS NETtoday!) Robin will start sessions with Lainey and finally end up in a PPD support group…but will Patrick still be around to pick up the pieces? Jax goes to Michael’s bedside, Johnny and Maxie drag an unconscious Ric out of the house. Great new spoiler pics over on GHOFS!

See ya at 3:00!

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